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Oregon Reunion

Courtesy of cabLecar gaL

We don't have a lot of tourist attractions. What we do have is a lot of clean air, sunshine, mountains, forests and rivers. We have affordable tax free shopping. Come to our Japanese Garden and our world famous Rose Garden. The area is home to many high tech companies such as Intel, Fujitsu and Hewlett Packard. And to top it all off, Portland will be host to a second AW Reunion in 2001!

On the last day of the Reunion in San Francisco last year, Luggage joked that we should hold the nest in Portland. Cablecar Gal said that's a great idea! And the rest will be history! We truly hope you will join us for 3 days of getting to know the people behind the text. August 10 12, 2001 at the Holiday Inn Portland is the place to be !

For more information and a look to see who is all coming check out the web site.

Note: Users attending this event do so at their own risk. Activeworlds Corp. is not sponsoring nor is directly related to this event.

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