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WVRN - Broadway World Radio

Courtesy of Kurtis J. Cummings

WVRN, Broadway World Radio is now accpeting applications for On-Air talent! You don't have to be a world known DJ who knows all the music in the world to be a DJ for WVRN either! All we require is that you have a love for music, we'll train you how to broadcast from your own home! To find out more, or to fill out an application to become a WVRN DJ, please visit

Also, WVRN is still giving away FREE 30 second advertisments for your event, world, town, business, etc. We only limit our free advertisments to 3 per person. You advertisment on WVRN will run for a full year and at the end of the 1st year, you can renew your advertisment for free by simply E-Mailing us at For more information or to submit your advertisment please contact us at!

WVRN is also partnering with world owners and town mayors to bring to the Community as much information as we can. So, if you would like your event heard on WVRN in our Community Events breaks, just E-Mail us at!

WVRN is also available to do live "remote" broadcasts. This is where we can bring your event guests all the music they need to dance, party, and just have fun! We will come to your event 30 minutes before it begins and will continiously broadcast until it's over!

For more information on this or any other WVRN services visit us on the World Wide Web at or E-Mail us at

We are AW's New Music Alternitive...the real thing, no MIDI''s todays best music and plenty of it only on WVRN, Broadway World Radio!


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