Current edition: Vol.8, No.2, February 2005

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Monthly Mystery Location

Think you know where this mystery location is? This one may be a bit more challenging! Shouldn't be a problem for you guys though!

Email the correct world name and coordinates and WIN! The first person (other than the site builder) to submit the correct location will win either a 1 month citizenship extension or, for those citizens who have monthly subscriptions, a 1 month new citizenship! In addition, the winner will also get to pick the next month's featured mystery location.

Mystery locatations will be somewhere within an AWI created, public world. Entries should be emailed to with the subject line: Mystery Location. The winners name and the correct location will be posted here, so check back!

Ferrucio was the first to successfully find last month's mystery location, which was in the world AW at 9812.50S 78.05W 0.49a 342! Great job!


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