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AWUniversity Now a Tourist-Enabled World

Courtesy of Elyk

AWI has graciously enabled tourist access to the world for newcomers to see what is available to them to learn in the Universe as well as citizens. All tourists are free to apply for classes to learn anything they wish (with the exception of a few citizenship required classes ex: World Running) to help better their AW experience and hopefully boost their thoughts on becoming a potential future ActiveWorlds citizen! All newcomers can visit the world via the worlds tab or by the new world teleport recently added to AWGate.

We want to hear from you!

Is there something that you would like to see for a future event or future new class to be given in AWUniversity? Well, we want to hear from you!! If there is a class that you want to see or a program that you do not know how to use and would like to see it taught in the university, contact us at with "AWU Suggestions" in the subject line. We may just add a new class or event per your request!!

For more information on AWUniversity, contact Elyk at or visit the worlds webpages: AWUniversity: AWUnivAB:


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