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This Month in Active Worlds History

Courtesy of OneSummer

A Look Back at the Headlines of February 2000

Active Worlds 3.0 Beta Coming Soon!

The rumors, and it's true. Version 3.0 was on it's way. All new version of the Active Worlds software, with more features than ever before. Topping the list of new features for 3.0 is native support for the latest generation of 3D acceleration hardware, bringing a level of performance and realism to Active Worlds that had never been seen before.

The initial beta version of Active Worlds 3.0 also had some specific system requirements. To beta test version 3.0, you would of needed to have a Pentium MMX CPU with at least 32 megabytes of RAM. You also must be running either Windows 95 or 98. In addition, have a 3D accelerator video card in your PC, preferably with at least 4 megabytes of RAM.

AW Tech

Tip of the month from Tech Support was Web Teleports.

  • If you click on a teleport link in your email reader or on a web page and your web browser asks what to do with the file, open it or save it select open.
  • Then the "Open With" window will pop up and ask what program do you want to use to open the file with. You need to select the "Other" button.
  • If you have the Activeworlds browser installed to the default location you can just type in C:\active worlds\aworld.exe in the "File Name" line. (If you have installed AW into a different location you will need to specify that location.)

News From The Community

The Cy'Awards were looking for a new logo for cy2000 Awards. AWCom, graciously donated the prize for that contest.

AWHS Museum Announces The Opening Of It's New Wing

The new wing of the AWHS Museum was complete and open for those wishing to check it out. A number of new Historical JPGs had been added to the Museum as well. The AWHS Museum is located at AW 1501N 500E.

Things Happening in February 2000

February 5th, 8:30PM VRT Definition Of Dance Nightclub Launch (AW 15023n 56w 180).
February 5th, 12:00PM VRT Utopia January Building Contest Ends (Utopia 49s 49e)
February 12th, 7:00PM VRT Valentine's Day Ball (AWCC)
February 12th, 11:00PM VRT ZGV's New Art/Artist Exhibition (cofmeta 1000N 30E 180)

Reporting for AWHS
Want to be part of AWHS please contact us at


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