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Peacekeeper Tips

Peacekeeper TipsOccasionally, bad things happen and your computer dies or gets infected with a virus so bad you have to erase the disk and start over.

If you have had this experience you may have lost all your teleports when you reinstalled Active Worlds. I don't know about you but losing all of my teleports is like losing all my builds. If you cannot find them again they are as good as gone. You can, if the builds were in AlphaWorld, find them with this bot or seek your lost locations with the AlphaWorld Mapper.

If they are in other worlds you may simply be out of luck. However, if you haven't lost your teleports yet, now is the time to be proactive. Your teleports are a text file located in the Active Worlds folder on you C: drive and titled teleport.txt. It's a text file you can open it with Notepad or Word Pad or any other word processing program that reads text files. Be careful if you decide to edit the file because you might break it. Here are some ideas to "bank" your data against disaster:

  1. Email the file to your own email account and save the email. If you need it again open the email and download the file and save it to the Active Worlds folder on your C: drive.
  2. Save a copy to removable media like a CD or thumb drive then keep it in a safe place.
  3. Print it out. That is a sure way to keep it if you don't trust computers, but you will have to teleport to all your saved sites to rebuild your list.

I hope you never have to use this advice but you will be ever so happy if the need arose.


And now something completely different…

A direct swipe from the Peacekeeper web page:

"We are a voluntary group of citizens, who help as we can in the Active Worlds community. We are here to help new and regular users who come to Active Worlds. We assist, Inc.'s personnel, by providing an online presence, for citizens and users to find help and advise. We assist users in disputes and try to prevent harassment of any user by others regardless of the form, be it verbal abuse or harassment, racism or vandalism.”

What's involved to get a PK badge?

You submit an application which gets evaluated. You get an interview, and passing those, you enter the Peacekeeper Academy. The Academy will provide technical training on advanced bots, you will learn coping techniques for difficult users and all of the reports. On graduation you get the badge and the capability to eject troublemakers. Being a PK is not about ejecting, though; the primary focus is on community service.

The minimum age for applications is 18 years and you also must have been a registered citizen of the Active Worlds software for more than 6 months.

It isn't easy to earn a PK badge. It requires strength of character and a sense of fair play, not to mention common sense. If you have these characteristics and want to give service back to the virtual worlds we play in, the PK's want you.

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