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The holidays are officially upon us and once again we have some great holiday specials and events to assist in the celebration.

Free Ride!

All expired worlds and citizenships have been renewed till January 4, 2011.

The Gift of Citizenship

A 1 year gift citizenship is now available for $39.95.

This comes with a free hosted P-5/5 world.

Purchase via phone, e-mail or fax:

Telephone: (978) 499-0222
Facsimile: (978) 499-0221

Extreme Building!

The fourth EBTS (Extreme Builder Talent Show) will begin on December 27.

One Day Sale

A one day sale for existing citizens will take place on December 31 from 8AM to 8PM EST.

We will have several great deals for citizens and rewards for those who log in to the universe on that day. AWI will announce details of the sales and rewards as we get closer to the 31. We don't want to spoil the surprise. :-)

Thanks again and I hope your holiday season is a merry one. :-)

~Flagg, Activeworlds, Inc.

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