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Meet Our Citizens

Meet Karmasutra, a steady citizen of three months, but as passionate as any old timer.

Kiwi interviews Daimon

Kiwi: Hiya Karma :-) It's nice to see you

Karmasutra: *shakes your hand and sits down* wow its lovely to be here *smiles* and its nice to see you as well

Kiwi: What part of the world do you come from?

Karmasutra: The western part of the world on the continent of North America :D

Kiwi: How did you come to be in Active Worlds?

Karmasutra: Well Kiwi *crosses my legs* I've been on Active Worlds numerous of times... but I never stayed until three in a half months ago *sighs* I could remember like it was yesterday..

Kiwi: How long have you been a citizen now?

Karmasutra: Well... for three in a half months to be exact *smiles*

Kiwi: Tell us a little about yourself.

Karmasutra: *laughs* well ummm where should I start *looks into the camera* Well I'm a care free person that loves life and lives it to the fullest. My passion is singing and cooking... umm and I love to meet people and chat on my trusty ol computer... :))

Kiwi: Is Active Worlds your first virtual world experience?

Karmasutra: No... you see... I come from another chat called Worlds 3D, it uses the same server or program as this one. I've became accustomed to this place very much. *fixes my dress*

Kiwi: What was your first impression of AW?

Karmasutra: Loved the CAVs. And not only that, the building and the people who helped me get around... I'm very grateful :)

Kiwi: Can you tell us a little about what you love to do in AW?

Karmasutra: Well, as you can see... I love to sing and dance, visit other worlds and make people laugh.

Kiwi: I hear you do a few gigs as a singer in AW lol. Are you a music lover?

Karmasutra: Ha ha *dusts off my shoulders* Well I see that the word has been going around of my tasteful talents... excuse me for a second. *clears my throat and sings*.. and YES!!! I looove music dooowwahhhh :D (lmao)

Kiwi: Hahahaha I hear a record contract on the way ;-) What worlds do hang out in the most and why?

Karmasutra: I hang out mostly at AWMix07 or AWGate... I used to hang at the AW Reunion.

Kiwi: Do you build at all?

Karmasutra: Well... not right now since that my citizenship is running out but I have made three cabins since my arrival in AW :)

Kiwi: You have some amazing CAVs. What do you think of the CAV system?

Karmasutra: Fantastic!! I wish we had more choices of shoes and hairdos but it's a major jump from how these avatars looked a couple of years ago.

Kiwi: I totally agree. What would you like to see changed in AW?

Karmasutra: I would like to see more interactions with the CAVs and more dance choices :D

Kiwi: If I asked you what was a great experience or event that stands out for you in AW. What would it be for you?

Karmasutra: It would be the AWReunion. That's where my friendships started and it's still going strong... I loved the spectacular events that occurred.

Kiwi: What would you add to AW if you could?

Karmasutra: More people... lol

Kiwi: What is your favorite thing to do in AW?

Karmasutra: well to be truthful... I love to listen to music while my CAV dances for me :P

Kiwi: What do you enjoy doing in real life?

Karmasutra: Sometimes I work out, enjoy reading books, doing math (it makes my brain awake... lol)

Kiwi: If I asked you to describe yourself to me, what would you say?

Karmasutra: A magnificent, sophisticated individual, that focuses on optimism rather than negativity!!

Kiwi: Keep rocking Active Worlds Karma :-)

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