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Builder's Challenge: Speedbuild

Emerging for its latest iteration since the summer Game Festival, Builder's Challenge has returned to the universe! Builder's Challenge is a building-themed competitive game that challenges players to complete a series of tasks through building to earn points. The players are typically working against one another, but also in concert with the overall goal of developing a large, themed area.

Since the summer contest Builder's Challenge has been on hiatus due to time constraints, but a redesign of the game with the AWGames team has given birth to a new game mode on a much smaller time-scale: Speedbuild. Speedbuild will be a daylong competition where players are charged with creating a small piece of a new attraction in public building worlds. The attraction is planned on a large scale before hand, and filled in by individual players. The world is chosen each month by community polling.


For October, the polls have closed and AlphaWorld has been selected as the first stop for Builder's Challenge: Speedbuild by an overwhelming majority! For our project in AlphaWorld this month, SW Chris has very kindly offered us a spot in the proximity of the new entry point to build a new public park. The park will be centered on the east-west road and the lot divisions will be modeled after the global aggregation of builds along coordinates.

Speedbuild will take place on Saturday, October 9, starting at 2PM VRT!


1st place: 3 month citizenship extension
2nd place: 2 month citizenship extension
3rd place: 1 month citizenship extension

Complete builds will be evaluated by AWI staff members in order to reward v4 privileges. Even if you don't win, you can earn v4s here!


Speedbuild will take place next Saturday the 9th from 2PM VRT to 12AM VRT. This affords builders a 10 hour range to work... given the extremely small size of the lots, most will likely only need up to half that amount of time to work. The long range is to give access to as many people who would like to participate as possible.

Builders can register as individuals or teams! Team builders should highly consider registering under a citizen with v4 rights. Three builders max per team. Ideally I would like at least 8 individuals or teams registered.

Each area of the park will have different tasks and objectives for the builders to complete, staying true to the Builder's Challenge style. I will announce that as the week progresses.

If you would like to register, please reply this thread:

Be sure to stay up on the thread for announcements!

More Info:
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