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A father and son pair in our interview for October.

Kiwi interviews Daimon

Kiwi: Thanks so much for agreeing to talk to us. How awesome to have a Dad and Son enjoying AW :-)

Lookin4BN: It was a nice surprise to be asked, hope we answer your questions ok :)

Kiwi: What part of the world are you both in?

Lookin4BN: We both live in sunny old England hehe, although there are times when I could emigrate, looks at Danny LOL.

Danny4BN: Hmmm thanks Dad, well yeah we live in West Yorkshire, in the UK.

Kiwi: How long have you both been in AW?

Lookin4BN: November 2004 I signed up. I used to hang out at the gate as a tourist, and teleport to any world I could get into, one place I landed was Aureus. I loved the theme and the raids they played. There were four different clans that raided each other, if ya ask anyone who used to go there they will tell ya, I loved the raids, it was great, I became a citizen not long after that.

Danny4BN: I have been here since 2006. I finally got my own citizenship at the end of 2009, December I think. Before that I was a tourist. All that 'Dad when can I have a cit' paid off LOL.

Kiwi: lol. Do you both love to build?

Lookin4BN: Oh yes I love to build. I have some stuff lying around AW, I think one of my favourite places where I have built is in Red Sorceress's world Canyon. It's a lovely world. I made an enchanted forest there, if you ever go and check it out have a look at the cave with the boat in it, and the hobbit village, oh and the fairy houses, oh and all the rest of the world lol. Red has done an awesome job in there. Then there is the small log cabin in Alaska... ok it's not that small lol. That's just a couple, there have been others, in other worlds but they are no longer running.

I also love doing terrain work - now that can be challenging lol. I used to co-own a world, it was a P70 and named BelNia, so I learned a lot about terrains lol. It had some fantastic builds in there too, err not all mine, ask Kenny he had a few dotted around the place :) Now though I would like to build another castle, just need to find the right objects to use and I will be building again :)

Kiwi: I will have to go check out for sure.

Danny4BN: Building is great fun. I love using my imagination and seeing what I can do, I have a lot of builds in AW.

Kiwi: I know you both do a lot in AW as volunteers. Can you tell us about some of the things you do?

Lookin4BN: Hmm where to start. I am a Peacekeeper, a Watchkeeper and recently a Teachers Aide. I became a PK in 2007 after I had read about what they do in the Peacekeeper Academy Hall of Security in AlphaWorld. Not long after becoming a PK I was asked if I would like to be a Watchkeeper for AWNewbie and now I am a Teachers Aide in AWSchool. I will let Dan tell you how that happened LOL. What can I say I like helping and meeting people.

Danny4BN: Well, I like to help people, so I thought if my dad can do that then I would like to do it as well. I am too young to be a PK so I asked if I could be a Watchkeeper, again too young so I applied to be a watchpup same job as WK :) Helping new people who come to AWNewbie. OK I have a confession now, it was me who got my Dad to be a teacher LOL I asked KennyMcC if I could teach in AWSchool, he contacted my dad who said I would be good, thanks dad :) I think my dad mentioned that he had thought about teaching, so now he is a teacher’s aide :) I told Kenny I had my exams :( to do so I became a guide instead, now that is a great job, I get to help out people oh and err find pupils for my dad hehe.

Kiwi: Hahahhaha good job Danny ;-) Do you spend a lot of time doing things together?

Looking4BN: Well apart from being on AW together we go out walking in the country side, we also grow vegetables in our forced growing environment – a green house – Stuff like tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, carrots oh and spring onions.

Danny4BN: Yep dad watches while I garden and do the planting lol, hmm dad forgot to mention he falls over a lot when we are out walking haha must be his
age lol.

Looking4BN: cheeky little………… lol

Kiwi: Lol you two make me laugh!

Danny4BN: Ok, not all the time lol he only fell twice while we were on holiday.

Kiwi: How did you find Active Worlds Lookin? I know you would have through your dad Danny ;-)

Lookin4BN: I first came across Active Worlds while I was doing a computer course with the Open university. It described this 3D cyber verse where people
could chat and build in a 3D environment. I was intrigued so I downloaded the software, and have been addicted ever since. Oh and I even passed my course as
well lol.

Kiwi: lol Congratulations. What is it that keeps you coming back?

Lookin4BN: I like the building and the variety of people who come to AW. I guess I am addicted :)

Danny4BN: Making new friends and being with my dad.

Kiwi: Where do you hang out?

Lookin4BN: It depends what day it is LOL Sundays I am in AWNewbie, Monday to Wednesday I am either in the gate or in AWSchool and if not there then I am in Canyon.

Danny4BN: Well I usually hang out at gate or in AlphaWorld, but at the moment I am helping build in Agartha :)

Kiwi: What changes for the better have you seen since you have both been in AW?

Lookin4BN: As a builder I think one of the best things I have seen is the error sign you get when an object has not loaded properly, remember the triangles we used to have, they were a pain sometimes to find lol and the new physics applications are awesome, there are so many possibilities, I am going to have to learn the code :)

Danny4BN: I think the movers are good but I also think the new physics codes are brilliant, they are awesome :)

Kiwi: If you were given a job working for AWI, what would you change?

Lookin4BN: A very good question... I think I would bring the custom aides bot back, then any one who wants to be vulgar can be sent to the blue room.

Danny4BN: I would make being a citizen free :)

Kiwi: Hahahaa Danny! How would either of you advertise AW?

Lookin4BN: I would advertise it on big billboards. Hmm maybe with a picture of some awesome build and a slogan saying ‘Want to chat, make friends AND build your own towns and worlds? Then Come to Active Worlds and be a part of a fantastic community’ or I could send Dan out with a billboard on his back saying the same LOL.

Danny4BN: Haha very funny dad, I think my dad's idea is good one, err not the bit about me though LOL.

Kiwi: lol Good work experience Danny ;-) What are your favourite things to do in AW?

Lookin4BN: I would say it's building and chatting with new and old friends.

Danny4BN: That's easy, build :)

Kiwi: Love the PAV Lookin. Who made it for you?

Lookin4BN: Thank you I am glad you like it, Sistaavs made it for me, they have a very good range. Hmm and for some reason though peeps think I am an angel I can't think why hehe.

Kiwi: lol I know I did. What do you think of the CAV system?

Lookin4BN: I think it's a great system, now when anyone lands in Active Worlds they can create their own avatar, their own look and not have to be stuck with the tourist av. I have seen some very good ones and some very strange and scary ones too, I also love the tattoos they are really good :)

Danny4BN: I love the CAV system, I can create a unique look and even get a tattoo without going through the pain, or my gran telling me off lol.

Kiwi: Hahahhaha. Do you both have a favourite world?

Lookin4BN: My favourite world has to be Canyon, it's my home location for when I enter Active Worlds. There is a lot to see there. Helms deep is awesome, you can even blow up the wall just like in the film. Red Sorceress and I have been working on an RPG in there too. The full working game can be played in Gamefest24.

Danny4BN: My favourite world at the moment is Argatha.

Kiwi: How do you describe AW to friends?

Lookin4BN: I tell my friends it's a three-dimensional chat environment, where you can talk to people from all over the world and build what ever your imagination can think of.

Danny4BN: I tell all my mates it's a cool place to come to chat and make friends as well as building stuff.

Kiwi: So nice to see you both (Smiles) Have a great day, and thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

Lookin4BN: Thank you for asking us it's been a pleasure.

Danny4BN: Yep thank you, see you in AWSchool.

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