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Introducing Physics

Perhaps the most intriguing and powerful feature in recent Active Worlds history has just made its debut. Physics features are included in the latest version of the AW browser and ready for you to start using now!

To learn more about AW physics, check out the ActiveWiki page:

To get an idea of the vast new possibilities, here are some user-created videos showcasing physics at play:


SW Chris' Nuclear Shockwave


Sirqus' Dozen ways to destroy a house!


Kenneth's Card Pyramid Blasted by Rocket


SW Chris' Virtual City Demolition


Digigurl's Lunar Bowling


Byte's Catapult


The real fun is trying it for yourself! Visit AWPhysics world to knock some stuff down or kick a ball around! Then start building your own physics-based creations.

Want your physics builds showcased? E-mail to show us what you see. If we receive enough, we'll publish another feature like this one next month. Otherwise, we'll put your video in What You're Missing.

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