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MarsCircle of Fire Meta

Based upon the novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, COFMeta is one of the coolest public building worlds in the Active Worlds Universe; and dating back to 1996 it is also one of the oldest. This past weekend The Crew of AWRawks Radio went to COFMeta and we had yet another ParTay in the Friendship ParTay lineup.

The weekend started off great and only got better as the time passed. Old timers kept popping into COFMeta just to see why there were so many people on this great old AW world. Tales of days gone by and talk of what is to come followed all weekend long.

We at AWRawks radio, Veger {That Crazy man from Mars, Frosta {The Frosty One}. Lobster Dude {The Buttery One} and Me TaLLan {Da Man} would like to thank all the folks that showed up for the ParTay and we will be heading to Yellow in 2 weeks Rawk on AW!!!


MarsWell we did it again! At the request of our good friend Flagg, the crew of AWRawks Radio took off for a weekend at WildAW to have a small ParTay. WildAW is a GREAT place for adults to hang out with games and rides and it's a GREAT place to build and enjoy the company of the people that hang out there.

Friday we kicked it off and it wasn't long before friends and newcomers to AW were having a blast. We had an amazing thing happen on Saturday, too! We were at 28 users in-world on the worlds list and had been at the top of the list for a bit then the magic happened. All of a sudden people started pouring into WildAW - the list jumped to 45, then to 54, then to 63 people in a 5 minute timespan. I was fortunate enough to get a screen shot of the thing as it happened. If I did not have the screen shot I would not have believed it myself. It was great to see that many people in one world of AW all gathered together to have fun and rawk the night away. Every DJ at AWRawks radio had a shot at DJ'ing and we all had a great time playing tunes for people to dance with the dance seqs Flagg had added to the world.

We would all like to thank everyone for making WildAW a fantastic success. Without people to ParTay it just plain would not happen. I would like to take this time to thank Jade for donating a one month citizen - it was won by the tourist jacob - now citizen Jacob. We would all like to welcome this young man to the wonderful worlds of AW. ParTay Hearty and Live as Long as Ya Can.                                                                                                     
TaLLan {Da Man}

Party Hard!

Join TaLLan, Veger and the rest of the AWRawks crew for upcoming weekend party in Yellow and other worlds.  The previous world parties were great successes and these should be even bigger.

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