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What this will be is a community event ALL radio stations are encouraged to participate in. It will be similar to a contest in the fact that there will be a central area with dance floors etc... and with the DJ booths around the central dance area. Each station will receive an identical location with a identifier sign and tune in link.

What this means is: you can come to this event, listen to YOUR favorite station and your favorite DJ, but you will be there with more of the community from other stations basically all having a great time to celebrate the community of Active Worlds.

We can each make our own promos for this party encouraging attendees to bring new friends (The party will be in AlphaWorld which is tourist friendly). Instead of competing against each other we can work together toward a massive hug for Active Worlds, the community of AW, and try to promote it to as many people as we can.

    ~~~ This is to celebrate Active Worlds ~~~
     and all the wonderful people in it


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