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Lensman’s Teleport Maze Station of the Month

Lensman is a retired Peacekeeper and creator of the Teleport Maze. He won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2006 CY Awards.

Teleport MazeThis month we go to Mars and Station 81 which was built in 2000. While at the location of the station not much is nearby there are a number of builds by Shrike. If you click on the directory sign (the blue fuzzy picture object) you will zip to a collection of Mars teleports and a number of really interesting builds. Haven’t been to Mars of late? Well now is the time to go!  Don’t miss the roller coaster.

Location: Mars 113S 689W


Teleport MazeStation 97 is Larapsi City and very cool (as a period piece). This build was done in 1999.  Considering the limitations imposed on building in those days Larapsi did an awful lot of original building with a limited object path. Upon arrival at the station go south and fly over or shift through the wall.

Location: Mars 671N 637E

P.S. Lensman suggests... If you want to help Active Worlds grow, add a comment about AW to every news story you encounter on the web regarding 'second you know what.' Those people need to know we are out there for them when they decide to look elsewhere.


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