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Getting to Know Our Citizens!

Dreamer2 and tunablues join Kiwi for a chat in this month's edition.

Kiwi interviews tunablues and dreamer2Kiwi: Hiya tuna and dreamer2 ;-) Thanks so much for talking with us.

Kiwi: Can I ask where you're from?

tuna: Virginia Beach, Virginia

dreamer2: Wichita, Kansas

Kiwi: How long have you called Active Worlds your virtual home?

tuna: About 13 years

dreamer2: around 12 years

Kiwi: How did you come across Active Worlds?

tuna: Friends

dreamer2: Art Bell web site - laughs

Kiwi: Is Active Worlds your only virtual world experience?

tuna: No, I beta tested "There" and explored Second Life in its early days. “There” was interesting at the time as it had movers that people could ride together. Second Life never interested me at all. It lagged badly and the building experience did not come close to Active Worlds. “There” was also limited in its building program. Active Worlds had everything I needed, so why go elsewhere.

dreamer2: Grins - no I spent 2 years in Dreamland Park Universe before I immigrated to the Active Worlds Universe. I loved the fact that I could have more building area in AW than the finite cells in DLP but it was a fun experience - I built under the name blade (#367) Of course having my first world in Active Worlds was a pleasure I can't describe. I think I didn't leave it for 3 months - laughs!

Kiwi: Where do you both hang out?

tuna: Well dreamer2 and I keep a few worlds updated. Lately I have been working on AWSchool and dreamer2 has been updating freebie. We seem to gravitate to whatever project needs attention.

dreamer2: AWSchool and Freebie world - once in awhile I go to invited parties in AWMix07 - I was a host in awbingo years ago just to make myself leave my world - was a terrible player but hosting I could do - lost too much sleep though and had to give it up.

Kiwi: Can you tell us a little about what you both do in AW?

tuna: Lets see... modeler, builder, teacher, caretaker of Freebie, AWSchool, CY Awards, AWRecess, and have had my own various worlds. Mainly just do what we can to help and have fun.

dreamer2: Love to make models - and textures in Photoshop - occasionally enter build contests as I try to be active in supporting Active Worlds events. grins and same as tb's answer: CT in AWSchool, Freebie world, and world dream#9 - that is my experimental world. I build at birthday builds in Active Worlds regularly - I learn a lot from other builders and it's relaxing :)

Kiwi: If you were given the job of marketing for Active Worlds, how would you go about doing it?

tuna: I think a lot of the current ideas with specials will help. The best way of course is to gather some national attention. Just need to be involved with what the people on the net are currently: Twitter, Facebook, etc. A real marketing campaign takes a giant investment and money is tight in today’s economy.

dreamer2: There is so much free advertising out there on the Internet - seems a shame to not make use of it. For instance, making a promotional video to upload to YouTube would get an amazing amount of exposure. I found Active Worlds on a web site - and others could too.

Kiwi: What would you say needs to happen for AW to bring in more people?

tuna: A real strong entrance experience. I think the new gate helps, just need to make sure they see the true Active Worlds.

dreamer2: Promotional specials - especially for groups - and students.

Kiwi: What is your favorite thing to do in AW?

tuna: To be honest I love it all. I bounce from one thing to the other to keep my interest peaked. My favorite as of late is modeling. I have been building less as of recent due to time limitations. I do like meeting people and have made some life long friendships here.

dreamer2: Modeling is number one - building at birthday sites in Active Worlds, and helping others.

Kiwi: Are you working on anything special at the moment?

tuna: For me I am working on an update to AWSchool. The world needed teleport updates and extensive updates to some of the original tutorials that have changed as the browser versions have brought improvements.

dreamer2: wrestling with AWSchool web site (ahem tb had to fix it). I added some Valentine heart balloons in Freebie world (low file size).

Kiwi: What do you think of the CAV tech in AW?

tuna: I love the CAVs. I would like to see more features added as time goes on just to keep it fresh.

dreamer2: grins - needs more hairstyles for women and better t-shirts.

Kiwi: If I asked you to describe yourselves to me in one word, what would it be?

tuna: Fish

dreamer2: Dreamer

Kiwi: What is the thing that you have created in AW you're most proud of?

tuna: That would be hard to say. Off World was way ahead of its time when we created it in Alpha. Models such as the tbtrees and tbpictglobes helped building when they were introduced. Our work in Yellow with Digigurl to get that world working again. Creation of the new Freebie which saved the models past and added 1000s of new items. The help we gave reinventing the Cy Awards. The work we do with AWSchool. The birthday builds. The involvement in creating tutorials. We have enjoyed working in Active Worlds.

dreamer2: My 3 stadiums in Yeti Active Worlds - wow what a building frenzy that was!! and everything tb said :)

Kiwi: How long have you two known each other?

tuna: We were discussing this the other day. I believe it is seven years that we have been building partners.

dreamer2: Met at a birthday build, started a project together - Signature Golf Course - and became building partners immediately. Most amazing thing is we get along great - and rarely have spats - go figure :)

Kiwi: Hahahha that's because you trained him well ;-)

Kiwi: Have to say it's the first time I have interviewed a flying fish lol
Who made your PAV tuna?

tuna: dreamer2 made it as a present for me out of model she found online.
It has been a great source of laughter.

Kiwi: I would like to say thank you for all you both do to make Active Worlds a nicer place to be.

tuna: Thank you Kiwi, always a pleasure.

dreamer2: My pleasure Kiwi :) Thanks!

Kiwi: Always nice to catch up with you both. Hugs and have an awesome day. :)

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