Current edition: Vol.7, No.3, March 2004

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Get to Know Your Neighbors!

We think it would be great if everyone got a chance to get to know some of the volunteers in the community and to find out why they love AW so much.

This month we meet Alexander o also known as PK74.

Courtesy of the Peacekeepers

PK Safety Tip: Tourist builds are ephemeral (easy to erase) if you build as a tourist build in secret and keep the location to yourself…better yet get a citizenship and not have the problem.

Alexander o was introduced to AW first in 1997 by a close work colleague who was heavily into computers. He saw Atlantis world...and fell in love with it. He became a citizen on April 29th 1999 after deciding that being a tourist was an arduous task.

He joined the Peacekeepers on August 5th 2000. When asked why he responded,"Well I used to spend a lot of time in Atlantis in the old days...he he...miss you guys :) Caring was PS there at the time and obviously head of PKA at the time...she asked if I'd like to apply..and ...the rest has been a rich rewarding experience. I love spending time in AW and enjoy being a part of a community where people teach each other and form wonderful relationships. Anything that I can do to help people as part of such an organization as the PK's is, I believe, something that I can do to give back to those who have given so much to me." Alexander o, in uniform as PK 74, can be found making bad jokes and adding to the general fun on Thursdays at 18:00 VRT through to 20:00 VRT.

He is also a part of the PKA (Peacekeeper Academy) which also helps to educate new PK recruits to the ways of PK life and show them how we try to assist the users of AW. In addition to his Peacekeeper work Alexander o has helped in the past at the Cyawards, in AWEdu-verse, and in AV's exhibition worlds

Most of his building is restricted to a closed world he shares with his "wonderful fianceé, RedSatin o".

His passions include fishing.......and anything VR . RPG's, Fantasy and Tolkein are BIG in his life, and he is in a constant state of bliss since Peter Jackson's recent LOTR trilogy. "Until he makes The Hobbit Trilogy I will be keeping busy on my PlayStation2 with 2 good upcoming titles: Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 2 and Realms of EverQuest: Champions of Norrath. Any gamers out there should check them out ;) Well I am going to buy Dark Alliance 2 tomorrow and try to keep it in the box until Red arrives in 2 weeks and we can sit playing all day what more can you ask for...;) ? "

His message to all the Citizens and tourists in AW is "I'd like to say hello to all the wonderful people out there...some who I am fortunate enough to know, others which I have not had the pleasure of meeting properly...but a wonderful place. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the last several years."


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