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Tech Support Tip of the Month

When I try to log in as a tourist I receive the error message "Login failed (reason 139)". What does that mean?

The tunnel server method of connecting is currently only available to citizens. You will not be able to access the Active Worlds universe as a tourist via the tunnel server.

The browser provides 4 options when first starting or when it is unable to connect: Dial-up, LAN, Firewall/Proxy, and Autoconfigure. The Dial-up and LAN options use a direct connection to the universe and world servers. The Firewall/Proxy option funnels through an SSL connection to our tunnel server, via the firewall/proxy server. The Autoconfigure button tries to determine which option to use.

Here are the connection options for the aworld.ini file located in your Active Worlds folder:

modem=0 (not a modem) or 1 (is a modem)
proxy_auto_detect=0 (do not auto detect) or 1 (auto detect)

Options for type:
0 = Direct connection
1 = Firewall, no proxy server. This connects via our tunnel server.
2 = Proxy server, auto detect.
3 = Proxy server, no authorization required.
4 = Proxy server, basic authorization required.
5 = Proxy server, NTLM authorization required.

The proxy_auto_detect option defaults to 1 so it must be set to 0 for the type value to be manually specified.

The universe server runs on port 5670. The world servers default to port 7777 but many of the worlds are running on other ports. If a direct connection is not possible the browser must have access to the SSL port 443. It also connects to web servers to download objects for the world.


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