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This Month in Active Worlds History

Courtesy of OneSummer

March 1999, Inc. Presents "Tech Talk"

Active Worlds Lead Developer Roland Vilett held an informal chat session. Every Friday at 8PM VRT during the month of March. Topics ranged from current to future versions of Active Worlds, as well as the current state and future of online 3D technologies in general. This will be a freeform chat discussion with no pre-set agenda; topics will be chosen based on the interests of the participants. It let citizens get together for sharing ideas and visions about the present and future state of this amazing technology!The "Tech Talk" meetings were held in the AW University world, Inc. Moved!

AWCOM was proud to announce its new corporate headquarters located at 95 Parker St. in Newburyport, MA. The company had plans on moving to the new location towards the end of March, and most of its employees will relocate to the new headquarters. will occupy 5000 square feet of this brand new building located just North of Boston's Technology belt. This 80,000 square foot building will give the company ample room as it expands its business operations through growth and acquisition


Objects for AW that work well with the original AW library, as well as Optiman's last generous donation. These new objects were on display at Kellee's Building Yard (aw 1367N 1885W 270) m0e was kind enough to send a list of the pieces that the Yellow builders thought were missing from the Yellow library, and so those objects - including a TV, a bed, and picture objects were added. They also updated the avatar menu to offer a few new options as some of the ladies were complaining of catching poison ivy while hiking in slit skirts!

Anniversary Celebration in The Transcend

March 7th 1999 was the second anniversary of the purchase of Active Worlds by Circle of Fire Studios, Inc. (now, Inc.), They marked this day with a celebration of the future of Active Worlds. A lot of amazing things have happened in these past few years, and it's only the beginning of what promises to be an incredible future.

Peacekeeper's Caution

The Peacekeepers were doing a wonderful job by informing citizens to not give out any personal information, email address or ICQ number to *just anyone*. Also, please show caution and courtesy when exchanging executable files, as there are some rather unpleasant viruses available at the moment, namely Netbus and Back Orifice. If you think you have been the victim of a viral infection, please contact the Peacekeepers for assistance and more information.

Reporting This Month In History


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