Current edition: Vol.5, No.3, March 2002

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AW Support's Tech Tip of the Month

Can I run my World Server from behind a proxy server, or NAT?

Yes, but your proxy or NAT server will need to be properly configured to handle this. It will usually not work by default. The easiest thing to do, in this case, is to run the world server on the proxy server itself, if the proxy is a Windows or Unix computer. If this is not an option, then the proxy server will need to be configured to route incoming TCP connections on port 7777 to port 7777 on the machine hosting the World Server. In addition, in order to access the world from a browser on another PC running behind the same proxy server, the proxy must be able to route TCP connections coming from both the LAN (inside) and the WAN (outside), and you must be running Active Worlds version 3.0 or later.


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