This issue we have some great stuff. First up, both Ciena and OzySeo were kind enough to take time to meet me for an interview.

Ciena and Ozy with Fuzzy

    Ciena's interview         OzySEO's interview

Interview with Ciena

Fuzzy: You were working the Jetta Lewis before he passed. Everyone who saw his work respected him and his dedication and skill. It's an honor to do this interview with you, thanks so much for taking the time. Did he ask you to be the caretaker of America?

Ciena: Yes but that was 10 or 12 years ago. I have been caretaker for over 10 years.

Fuzzy: Is there anything you would like to say about Jetta and his plans for America?

Ciena: He was a wonderful man. I have a great deal of respect for him. He loved America and he loved his AB's (American Builders). He wanted America to be run the way he did it and me and the AB's to help take care of the world like we have always done. He has always depended on the AB's to fill this world with awesome builds and now I depend on them. We are a great team.

Fuzzy: In order to build in America, does a citizen need your permission?

Ciena: Yes. We have an area with lots that they can choose from and I will remove the grass under it so they can build. If they are a good experienced builder they can become an AB and then there is no limit their building. They can build as much as they want.

Fuzzy: We are really impressed with the object and texture yards. How long did it take to get them set up

Ciena: I did it by myself so it took about a month for the OY and about as long for the texture yard. I am still adding objects and textures as I obtain them.

Fuzzy: On a more personal note, how did you choose your avatar name?

Ciena: My name originally was Nikona but I changed it about 10 years ago. I liked the name Ciara but someone already had that name so I chose Ciena.

Fuzzy: How did you find ActiveWorlds?

Ciena: I used to talk in chat rooms and didn't like that so much so I did a search for 3D chat and found AW.The 1st day I landed here I was so impressed that I joined right then.

Fuzzy: How long have you been building in AW?

Ciena: a little over 16 years.

Fuzzy: What is your favorite thing about AW?

Ciena: My very favorite is building. I also like meeting people from all over the world. I am so lucky to have made some very special VR friends here. Some I have been friends with for over 15 years and still friends with.

Fuzzy: Do you have a You Tube account where you can put up shots and videos of your builds? What is the URL if you do?

Ciena: Oh my! I have no idea how to do that, so the answer to that is no I don't.

Fuzzy: Is there anything you would like to add?

Ciena: Well I just want to thank The Gazette staff and especially you, Fuzzy, for this opportunity and I feel so honored. You guys do a great job with the Yellow Gazette and I read it every month.

I would welcome anyone who would like to build in America. We have about 30 different themed areas for AB's to build in and a lot of lots for other cits to build in.

Fuzzy: Thanks so much, Ciena.

Ciena's Cliff dwellers

Ciena's Cliff Dwellers. Coordinates: America 49.63s 276.27w -0.48a 223

Ciena's Rivendell Castle

Rivendell Castle. Coordinates: America 62.46s 182.69e 0.26a 268

Ciena's Rivendell Castle

Rivendell Castle. Coordinates: America 60.73s 196.68e 0.65a 268

Ciena's Medieval Castle

Rivendell Castle. Coordinates: America 57.60s 1173.46e -0.67a 358

Ciena's Romantic fantasy

Romantic Fantasy. Coordinates: America 82.37s 179.65e 0.20a 268



Interview with OzySEO

Fuzzy: How did you choose your AVs name?

Ozy: My nickname's always been Ozy, and last three letters are my initials.

Fuzzy: How did you find AW?

Ozy: Moved to South Carolina and had no friends, so I looked on line, and saw that AW was the cheapest option.

Fuzzy: How long have you been building here?

Ozy: Feb 2011

Fuzzy: What is your favorite thing about AW?

Ozy: Inventing new ways to do things. I've never like server side movers, but I've been using physics on and off.

Fuzzy:Thus your physics yard Project in Yellow.

Ozy:I just figured that more people would learn more from each other if they got together.

Fuzzy: What is your favorite build you've done?

Ozy: The last one, the roller coaster in America for the EBST contest. That's my masterpiece.

Fuzzy: Do you have a You Tube account where you could show off your stuff?

Ozy: No.

Fuzzy: Well I'd like to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Is there anything more you want to say before you go?

Ozy: No I think that about covers it for now, just to say thanks to you Fuzzy, it was fun. I was not sure at first about doing this, but itwas nearly pain less LOL.

Fuzzy: Ok then, look forward to doing this again sometime.

OzySEO's physics place

OzySEO's physics place. Coordinates: Yellow 1757s 750e

OzySEO's EBTSV build

OzySEO's physics place. Coordinates: America 491.57n 480.35w 0.05a 268

OzySEO's Steam City builds

OzySEO's Steam City builds. Coordinates: Yellow 1822.17s 1675.64e 0.05a 326

And here's what else I've been up to. I explored the recently completed Extreme Builders contest (EBTSV). Go to the Builds of the Month page to see what has been done there.


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