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SW Interactive Game Night is every Tuesday from 7 to 11 VRT. We will be there to assist new players set up an account at and assist them in using the game interface, so they know how to buy and sell, and how to find quests and employment.

OzySEO has set up a Physics area in Yellow, coordinates Yellow Yellow 1757s 750e. (See article in Builds of the Month.) If you want to experiment with the powerful stuff you can do with NVIDIA Physics at that area, telegram OzySEO. And be sure to check out what people are doing there.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next Explorers Club event. They generally happen twice a month. Check the forums for further details. They also have a website. Visit it here.

ActiveWorlds community meeting - 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, 6-8pm VRT. Check the forums, Events page, for further info.

April birthday party in AWReunion, 10pm VRT, 19 April. Also, TGIF gathering in AWReunion every Friday, 5pm VRT. Poetry night every Wednesday, 10:15pm VRT.

Peacekeeper badge

The Peacekeepers

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Lensman's example of vandalism

Sometimes when you're building you discover an object is placed in the way of your planned architecture. These objects might be tourist objects and if they are you can erase them. Other times the object may be left by an old citizen and cannot be removed. The same is true if the object is placed by a contemporary citizen. This may be an accident or it may be on purpose. If an object or series of objects, gets purposely placed to block your building it is called vandalism by the Peacekeepers. The same and true if it's a sign or picture that is objectionable.

The Peacekeepers have a specialized team that deals with situations like those described above. This is called the Garbage Elimination Team "GET". The GET has the capability to erase objects in all of the public worlds, which includes Yellow. However, it is not possible to contact members of the GET directly because if that were to happen they might never get anything done so there is a very easy procedure. If you have a need to have an object removed you must use the following form which is found at this web address:

Before you fill out the form however, there are several things you could consider. The first is how you got the problem in the first place. The first and most important rule regarding building is to claim all of the land first. When this is done you should have no incursions at all. The process is a bit tedious but the payback in peace of mind is great. However, sometimes we don't plan ahead and bad things happen.

It is important that you provide critical information so the team will be able to determine exactly what and where the offensive objects are and what to do about them. It is very necessary that you provide information and fill out all of the blocks. Peacekeepers suggest that before you fill out the form you determine who owns the object and that you contact them via telegram and politely request removal. If this is an old citizen obviously you will not get an answer. If it is a contemporary citizen there's a strong possibility the two of you can work it out. In any case you should make an attempt to contact the original builder if for no other reason than to be able to check the "yes" circle on the form. Next you should identify all of the objects and the coordinates where they may be found. Please describe the object as best you can. Finally, provide a brief description of the objects and amy additional details and a short reason why the objects should be removed. Upon receipt the GET evaluates the merit of the removal request and if found appropriate will visit the site and remove the objects. The person submitting the form will receive an email or telegram alerting them that the offensive property is gone.

Peacekeepers strive to be of service to our virtual community. They are limited to the patrolled worlds and have no authority in private worlds unless requested by the owner. By the way, if you are an owner you do not have to contact the Peacekeepers to remove property because you own the world.


PK Center

Peacekeepers are always seeking qualified citizens and we actively seek new members all the time. The minimum age for applications is 18 years and you also must have been a registered citizen of the ActiveWorlds for more than 6 months. Any references you provide may be interviewed. The key elements of a good Peacekeeper is fair play and common sense. Here is the application form:

There is a briefing center that explains how the Peacekeeper Academy works as well as the responsibilities and powers you gain upon graduation. It is located at the following coordinates AW 11982.57S 12058.61W 1.30a 162. You can use the script below in the browser to go there automatically.

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