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VWTV in September!

Courtesy of Rossyboy

We have some exciting new stuff lined up for September here at VWTV!

VWTV On Demand

The Virtual Worlds Broadcasting Network (VWBN) is proud to announce the opening of a new channel, VWTV On Demand (VWOD). The VWOD technology allows the viewer to choose what they want to watch - WITHOUT affecting what other viewers see. This means that two people can watch two different shows, at the SAME TIME, on the SAME SCREEN.

This technology is replacing the VWTV Classics and VWTV Movies channels - old episodes of shows and movies are now available on VWOD.

VWTV High Definition

The new VWTV HD channel will broadcast JPEG images of a higher quality, for those who have a fast connection. A fast connection WILL BE REQUIRED for the 60-70kb JPEGs - this channel shouldn't be appearing in any public places.

VWTV Camera Software

Unlike many other Active Worlds TV Stations, VWTV is using customised camera software! The next version of VWCam will include many exciting new features to enhance your viewing experience.

New Shows for September

Many new episodes of old shows will be airing soon on VWTV. Also, the new shows Brock=Elite, T-Gram for Help and Unwind and Rewind should be airing for the FIRST TIME this September.


Step 1 - Build any suitable picture object.

The VWTV broadcast is square but it should look fine on a tv2bs.rwx (AlphaWorld object). It might look a bit stretched on a tva2.rwx (AlphaWorld object). Note: tva1.rwx and tva2.rwx darken the picture quite a bit.

Step 2 - Copy and paste the command into the Action box in the Object Properties.

For regular VWTV, add this command: create picture update=10

For VWOD, add this command: create picture update=10; activate url target=aw_3d

There is currently no command for VWTV HD. Please check VWTV world for updates.

Step 3 - Enjoy.

VWTV will update like a webcam, with the picture changing every 10 seconds.

To choose which program to watch on VWOD, just click the TV! A webpage will open in your 3D window... just click the title of the program there. After you click, if a "Do you want to close this window?" prompt appears, just click Yes. This will not close your AW browser, only the page in the 3D window.


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