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AW Support's Tech Tip of the Month

Whenever I try to send a file to another user it always fails. What's going wrong?

You are probably running behind a firewall or proxy server that is blocking inbound TCP connections.

The File Transfer function requires unrestricted access on TCP port 3000 by default. When a file transfer is initiated between two users, the receiver's computer opens a TCP connection on port 3000 back to the sender's computer in order to receive the file. If the sender is behind a firewall or proxy server, inbound connections on TCP port 3000 to the sender's computer must be allowed or the transfer will not succeed. Since this is an "inbound" TCP connection, the new firewall changes in version 3.2 won't help. If necessary, you can change the TCP port used by your browser when sending files to another user (note that you cannot change the port used when other people are sending files to you.) To change the port, add a "port=" entry under the [transfer] section of the aworld.ini file. For example, to change the file transfer TCP port to 877:



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