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Bot Of The Month Club

This article was previously published, but with the large number of new users, world owners and people who are interested in bots, we are publishing it again, so that those new users can become familiar with an exciting automation technology available in ActiveWorlds!

Hamfon & The Hambots

Know of a bot that you'd like to see featured as the Bot of the Month? If so, contact us at

DJ Bot

Provide automated music for your party or world. This bot changes the midi action in an object in your area, waits for the song to finish, then changes again, from a list of midi URLs located anywhere on the Internet.

To use DJBot, download it from , clicking on the DJBot link and then then download link. Then, unzip into a new directory, and then edit djbot.ini - changing the citizen number to your number.

Note that DJBot supports a menu when it starts - see the example ini file. You will also need to set the world, the coordinates, and the name of the object (often midispk.rwx) that will change the music. Also, in your world, create the object and put "DJBot" in the description field. The first two letters must be DJ.

Then, run djbot.exe. You will be prompted for your privilege password (enter it). From there, all songs should be read from the playlist (in a random order) in the play list file (see the sample playlist file "sample.txt" in the zip). If you get an error message, check the SDK reason code documentation for an explanation.

If you're interested in finding out more about how to use the SDK, visit the SDK site for information!


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