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You Won't Want to Miss the Party in AWDisco

Courtesy of Joachim

With the wonderful features of Active Worlds we have discovered a new kind of art.

For 6 years we have created various forms of multimedia, but with the world wide web the multimedia became boring and complicated. The Active Worlds technology changed all that!

We are now able to share our creations, dreams and products of our imaginations LIVE around the world.

The AW SDK, which is unique in its genre, helped in the realization of these dreams and gave us the possibilities to create the spectacular show.

  • On Friday, January 11th, 5pm VRT we will begin with the normal light show in the new disco.

  • At 6 pm VRT we will launch the new, spectacular 15 minute synchronized show!
  • Stick around after the show, hang out, party and dance!

This is one party you won't want to miss!


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