Current edition: Vol.5, No.1, January 2002

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Recommended Hot Spots

This is where you can get tips on places to visit from the "insiders". These correspondents are leaders in their worlds, who take the time to seek out new, exciting, and different places to visit in their worlds. Don't miss a single destination on this list if you want to know what's cool in the AW Universe!

Atlantis World Page

Caring's Atlantis Recommendation

Garden In The Sky 182S 234W 15.1a

Garden In The Sky, built by CasTat and located at 182.0S 234.0W 15.1a 0 in Atlantis. You will need some gravity before you fly there. It is very artistically done. A nice quiet place to relax and enjoy.


Mars World Page

Canopus' Mars Recommendation

Every year I use a Census Bot to find and catalog all the new construction on Mars. That's the easy part. The hard part is visiting all the new sites and deciding which ones are innovative and grand enough to be added to the Mars Tours. Of course, it's fun to see so many good buildings popping up all over Mars--what's hard is picking out the best, as standards get higher and higher every year.

But I've just been following the Census through Cimmerium, where I found leroy's new settlement (218S 301E 270). It was so full of impressive buildings and lively animations that it had to be this month's Hotspot. There are galleries, railways, military facilities, stadiums, passages, and lots of different building shapes and textures, culminating in that hardest of engineering achievements to do on Mars: a giant glass rotunda (and this one has an equally difficult conical dome!).


Goober King
UTN Web Site

GooberKing's UTN Recommendation

Intercity Dreams - AWTeen1300s 800e 0.2a

For a city that was just started a few weeks ago, Intercity Dreams already seems to have amassed quite a population! One of UTN's newest Core towns, this walled city looks to have a bright future. It runs off its own monetary system and comes complete with tour guides and town "helpers". Be sure to check out places like the View Towers and Hall of Weirdness as you wander around. You never know what you'll find at Intercity Dreams!

AWHS Web Site

Duskbat's Historical Recommendation

As I am here looking for a place to tell you about I want to wish everyone a great Happy New Year. Yahoo!! its 2002 alredy, thats the big ZERO TWO. AW is always the safest place place to spend a nice New Years eve at. You know all your friends will be here celebrating also. And I hope everyone had a nice holiday season as I sure did. Anyway, looking around my teleport location I just now found Salty's Caverns. I havnt been here in a while so I paid a visit. I am in the main vault it seems, slightly underground so becareful not to fall. A welcome sign and a masked helper texture are here to greet me, just like at my place:) Futher down you go there is a place where the floor opens up. You have to look down to see the cool looking slanted walkway that takes you to the next level down. The next level you come to looks just like a deck for a little break to enjoy the view. Continue your decent. See the nice decks on your way down. I like looking down while I decend the ramp, something you probably need to do anyway. You should be in the underworld now as the sign says. Continue on the the very last level down at the very bottom -323a A nice little shack with midi songs to listen to. Nothing to it. Just a nice build for you to check out today. I still want to hear of your favorate build new or old for my collection of teleports. Just gram it to me. Till next month, be safe and pray for peace.
Teleportation 7000S 7000W
Salty's Caverns 3089N 141E -.81a

COFMeta World Page
COFMeta's Discussion Group

jupytr's COFMeta Recommendation

The Crackerjack Club COFMeta 108S 199E

Lots of car traffic here :)
Enter the Club and check out the interactive Kamikazi Bar and Grill. The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster seems to be the popular drink here, no? lol
Walk on past the bar to the dance floor. Listen to XTRM Radio while you're there. You'll also find a Casino with lots of interactive games and an anime picture gallery outside. Lots to see.


AlphaWorld World Page

Agent1's AW Recommendation

AW 6631.1N 5593.5W 0.5a 130

Looking to warm up? Take a peek around in an interesting Eygptian exhibit buit by Danniowl. See things like King Tut's tomb and a giant serpent.

By the way, if *you* have a location in AW you want right ->here, send it to


CLC Web Site

The CLC Recommendation

Town: Canyon River County
Mayor: The Avatar
Location: AlphaWorld 2217s 3201e

A Sub-something of SW Comit's SW City, Canyon River County is a nice little village, with fountains and several parks. It also is home to neat structures built by Syntax and Lilalpha Phalpha.

AWTeen's Web Site

AWTeen's Recommendation

Right before Mountain Myst was getting this month's edition of the Newsletter together, Dudeman sent me an E-Mail asking me to add the following area to AWTeen's Hot Spots list.

Dudeman constructed almost picture-perfect replicas of various locations from the now discontinued television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. The picture above, taken in the middle of the "night," does little justice to the complex. Filled with beautiful lights, an excellent selection of objects, and special commands used in innovative ways, the site even improves upon some aspects of the show. Featuring a holodeck, the bridge, Ten Forward, and other Enterprise areas, visitors can navigate through a universe far in the future.

If you're interested, you can check out this feature at AWTeen 1748.0N 1875.7E 0.1a 199.
The full submission can be viewed at


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