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Bot Of The Month Club

This month, we check out Ricky Lipe's bot that deals with currency in Active Worlds - a way of recording and exchanging value.

As always, when you check this information out, be careful to only download programs and files from people you trust, to eliminate the chance of getting a virus.

Hamfon & The Hambots

The bot started off as just a bot that created accounts and gave a starting balance. Over the period of about 3 months I added the features it has, slowly.

The first feature I added to the bot was to let the user check their balance. This was the easiest to implement. The second feature I added was to let users transfer money, in my opinion, this is the most important feature because otherwise how would money get from one person to the other? The next feature I added was loans, a great feature if you ask me, because it makes the system realistic. After those features were added, I had to fix the problems. Agent1 helped me with this by showing me, if someone tried to transfer money using a negative number, it would add to that users account and subtract from the recipient. There were many small glitches in the bot as well but that was the most important. Administrative features were then added, allowing admins to check other users information and allowing them to give/take money. The feature that really threw this bot to the max was the network & multiple universe capabilities. That was the last feature to be put into the bot due to the fact I cannot think of anymore.

The bot uses citizen numbers; tourists cannot participate. This is how the bot was setup to work.

The user creates an account, then can check his/her account at anytime. The user then spends money. The user then makes money by selling something, or providing a service. If the user runs short on money, he takes out a loan, to which he pays back at a later time.

I started creating the Bank Bot a long time ago. I was new to VB so I quit after no time. I started up again shortly after and started creating a new Bank Bot. The Bot has went through many transitions over time. Changed GUI's many times, code has been updated regularly and it's been a great success. The USWF has had a Bank Bot they used, their bot lacked loans, and my bot did lack network capabilities. In the past month I've added Multi-Universe and Network capabilities to the bot.

Builderz is the current owner of the bot itself. I sold the source code to him and Stuff-X and let him do as he pleases with it. I have made alternate bots as well, but I clearly think this bot is the best I've made. You can find a list of bots at if interested. May not be available yet.

The main reason for creating the bot was for the "Currency Worlds" that were alive back in the days of the thought. Since I was given the ownership of "Currency Worlds", from a user I've lost contact with since, I have taken it upon my own liberty to restart Currency Worlds. The bot is currently up for use in Techno, worlds who would like to join can do so at the Currency Worlds website ( The outlook on the bot in my perspective is high, I think this bot will go far, but no one can tell the future so it's up the community to make it worth while. I hope to see many worlds and citizens help with Currency Worlds, and hopefully recommend users to Techno to sign up. Not to promise anything but I hope to have a personal world specifically for Currency Worlds, but this will depend on the income of my company, Degtur Solutions. If all goes well I will purchase a small world for the Headquarters of Currency Worlds. If anyone has questions or comments, please send them to


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