Yellow Gazette Offices

We arrived only to find the office empty. There was a note posted on the door which said everyone was attending the new Maw Hoo Nah River Spa Grand Opening Party, with a sub note from Ms. Lucy asking me to get over as soon as possible with the camera. So we did just that, dropped off Benny's bags, grabbed my gear and headed down river.

The Mah Hoo Nah Spa

The Maw Hoo Nah River Spa is picturesquely located around the bend in the river near the Redfish Island, and next to the Titan Geyser Field. Once we arrived the party was in full swing; it seemed to be a wonderful turnout.

In the pool Geyser pools

I left Benny at the pool and went to find Miss Lucy. Easy enough to do: just find the first yoga room. She was in a great mood which is more than I can say for some of the others in the class. They looked spent, but not Miss Lucy; she was pumped and raring to go.

In the Yoga Room

So I'm pleased to say she gave Benny the okay. When I returned to the pool to give Benny the good news, I could not believe my eyes. There was Benny sandwiched between two ladies. (Ms. Trudy and what I now know to be her twin sister Judy). Not sure what was a greater shock, seeing one day out of the temple Benny with two ladies on his arms or the idea that I was seeing two Miss Trudys.

Tanglefoot sisters

I had little time to contemplate this strange site, when a tap on my shoulder drew my attention elsewhere. It was my sister Petal and Chloe; it would seem Petal's boss Joe was off on a fishing trip, so she had a few days off and thought it a wonderful opportunity to have a girls day out with Chloe, whom she knew would welcome a break from the triplets.

Chloe, Petal & Fuzzy
Petal and Chloe were having a great day, like everyone else they were highly impressed with the swimming pool and its steaming bubbling water from the geyser field next to the spa.

Ms Lafleur and dancers

Mind you, when the night's entertainment started the pool was not the only thing generating steam. Spa owner and our hostess, Ms. Mimi Le Fleur, and a bevy of lovely ladies performed a rousing spirited dance number. Their lovely and vivacious presence captivated the partygoers.

Although I was unable to have much of a conversation with our gracious hostess as she was busy posing for endless picture requests. I did manage to steal moments of her time where she kindly agreed to an interview in the very near future, something I have to say I most eagerly await.

Ms Lafleur and Fuzzy

The party was a great success, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time talking about how they'll return and look forward to seeing the new features offered in the future. So I highly recommend that you take time to drop by and enjoy the spa.

After the party I met up with Benny. We were then joined by Petal And Chloe and we all had a great time traveling back up river to Burrfoot Cove. Once we dropped the ladies off at home it was back over to the YG offices to pick up bags.

Over the next few days Rufus and Chloe were a great help with Benny's transition to the world outside the temple. Chloe and Petal even took Benny shopping at the new AW Mall. So by the time Ms. Lucy sent over our first official job assignment, Benny was well ready to start his new adventure.

First Stop: Raven Mountain. (Ravenmtn), Lacushla And Grizz the World Owners.

Both veteran builders, I was really looking forward to seeing what they had done, not to mention this would be Benny's first off world excursion.

You will also find our visit with Ms. T, one ff Yellow's long time residents. and a well-known precise and innovative builder.

Read all about our visits and interviews with these skilled and dedicated builders. interviews and pictures to be found on the Build Of The Month page. And remember we're always looking for new locations to feature on the Build of the Month page So if you got something you'd like to share, email me, Fuzzy, at the,or simply telegram Apooka and or Ozman with your name and the Coords for the build.

That's it for Fuzzy Tales this issue.

Bye For Now from

Fuzzy And Benny

"Build Fun Build Safe"

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