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In this issue we bring you two outstanding builders: Lacushla from Raven Mountain (ravenmtn) and Ms T in Yellow. Both have been building for some time and we're pleased to show you some of their stuff. They have also graciously agreed to be interviewed as well. We hope you enjoy their work.

LacushLa's interview and pictures of Raven Mtn

Ms T's interview and pictures of her village in Yellow.

LacushLa and Grizz have their own world, Raven Mountain (ravenmtn), and they kindly invited me over to see some of their recent developments.

Fuzzy: How long have you been working in AW?

LacushLa: I have been here since 2007. Had to look that up :)

Fuzzy: I remember you had some real hassles a couple of years back, can you tell me what happened?

Fuzzy interviewing LacushLa

LacushLa: Our server was being hosted by a company and they pulled the plug so we lost everything, no warning. So a lesson well learnt, we host it ourselves now, but we did have to rebuild everything.

Fuzzy: Ouch. So that meant you had to rebuld everything?

LacushLa: Yes. We had a good memory of what our GZ looked like so yes, we rebuilt with some help from Buzzy and Starheart who we buy all of the building sets from.

Fuzzy: Well, that must have been a curseful moment indeed. What is the theme of Raven Mtn now?

LacushLa: It's medieval themed but this world was owned by RavenWarrior so RavenMtn had a theme going before we took over.

Fuzzy: OK. And you also have a radio station with music here?

LacushLa: Yes. GrizzLyBear DJ's here, streams the music through to RvnMtn. We also have juke boxes here so when he is not broadcasting you can listen to music too.

Fuzzy: Do you host parties?

LacushLa: No, and as you know, it's been pretty quiet in AW for a good while now. Let's hope things pick up.

Fuzzy: They seem to be. I've noticed a lot more people coming in since the changes in mid June. Now, I realise RavenMtn is an "X" rated world; but other than that, can anyone come?

LacushLa: Yes, all are welcome. We're not X; we just made our world X for a laugh, our sense of humour might be hard for some to understand :) We're Aussies remember?

Fuzzy: (Laughs). OK, are there some builds you would like to show me? I can take some shots and get them in to the YG.

LacushLa: Sure how about the castle first? All of our sets are from Starheart; his sets are very user friendly.

Fuzzy: Thank you LacushLa, for the talk and the tour. I wish you and Grizz well for your world in the future.

Fuzzy: LacushLa then showed me some of the sites in Raven Mountain: the castle, the Underbelly graveyard, Bear Lodge, and their memorial centre in honor of AW citizens who have passed on.

Coordinates for Lacushla's builds in RavenMtn. Castle coords: 60.46S 15.72W 7.76a 184;Graveyard 28.72N 56.99W 3.80a 179; Memorial gardens: 59.18N 26.94W 6.58a 180; Grizz Radio is at GZ, where you can also see the hearse.

shots of Raven Mtn more shots of Raven Mtn

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Ms T is one of Yellow's prime builders and we were fortunate enough to get a brief interview with her. She's an innovative builder with some very good ideas and she wants to share them.

Fuzzy: Tell me, how long have you been building here?

Ms T: Oh I started in 2002, then stopped to get my thoughts together.

Fuzzy: Wow. You are a real veteran then.

We then went to the new weather centre that MsT is building now. I asked: "Is this part of your science centre?"

Fuzzy interviewing Ms T

Ms T: Not really; but because of my love for science, nature, etc. I built it.

Fuzzy: It's good and very useful, particularly since the weather is getting pretty dramatic lately.

Ms T: oh I agree I come here and check the weather daily.

Fuzzy: Oh, so this is a real working center?

Ms T: Yep.

Fuzzy: Well, we will definitely let folks know about this; it's very useful.

Ms T: The links in here are very informative, and I hope to add some homesteading info soon, like how to stuff when the s..hits the fan.

Fuzzy: Yep. Sensible. Things are getting grimmer for sure.

Ms T: If we get folks returning to AW I would really enjoy sharing this info.

Fuzzy: Well, we are happy to help you by putting this into the YG. And I am seeing a lot more people since they've made citizenship free. Would you like to show me your science center? We then went to the new science centre. Ah, the science center.

Ms T: Kinda steam punkish. There is so much that can be done with AW and I have been trying to show that for years. It is an excellent educational tool.

Fuzzy: Indeed and we couldn't agree more with that. Congratulations on your new builds and we hope to be in contact more often.

Coordinates for Ms T's builds: Weather station coords: 611.84S 1679.83E -0.02a 291; Science lab coords: 708S 1688E; Village coords: 664.78S 1707.88E -0.02a 176; Meta University coords: 726.87S 1686.41E 0.28a 355

shots of Ms T's builds more shots of Ms T's builds

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Do you want to feature in Build of the Month?

If you would like your builds to feature in the Yellow Gazette, please telegram Ozman or Apooka. If you build it and tell us, they will come, that is, if they know the coordinates. So send us your builds and coordinates. Any description or comments you would like to add will also be greately appreciated. Alternatively, you can email

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