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Vol.3, No.6, June 2000

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Courtesy of kellee

Hiya All

Guess you have all heard of Nettiquette? that's those little rules that once you know about them , seem so sensible but until you do, can get you yelled at by ppl that forget how hard it is to take in everything about this complicated world of the web all at once :o)

Well, Active Worlds has developed its own set of nettiquette rules too, and you'll find that by knowing them can generally allow you to get on with most ppl, even us fudgy mouldy oldies :o)

That join feature is a handy one.... but ever likened it to walking into some ones house without knocking? Most ppl would love to have you join, but would like a little warning first, so send a telegram before you pop in on them. You never know what you might interrupt otherwise!

Spamming is annoying for everyone....we all come into this virtual world to chat with each other... but the person that repeats the same thing over and over,prevents that chat flowing smoothly, well, sorta defeats the purpose , huh? :o)

Talking in capitals is always going to get you shouts of *Kill the Caps Lock!!* I don't know why this annoys ppl so much, but try it at a crowded Ground Zero and you will soon see that it does! I guess because ppl use caps for emphasis and when used constantly , its like some one shouting and demanding "listen to me" which is never going to make some one popular.

I've mentioned before the favoured policy of telegramming the neighbours in an area before you start building, to make sure they don't want to expand in that direction, but also, added thought is great when you are considering midi's and/or lots of create pictures near the border of your neighbours land. Anything that reduces a persons enjoyment of what they have spent hours building makes you a bad neighbour and just that little forethought will help prevent that :o)

Passwords. mmmm, now that's a touchy subject, aint it? Always be careful asking for passwords of any kind, most ppl feel intimately attached to those little four and six letter words they carefully thought out :o) For that reason also, you can be reported for being to insistent about obtaining them, as most ppl fear the account snatcher. In case you haven't heard, account snatchers are about the lowest form of life in AW, so be careful when you hear a sob story that involves "I just want to use your account for a few minutes to locate a friend" or similar.

Basically, remember that while this is not real life, the ppl here are real and have real feelings. The things that annoy you in real life are bound to annoy others too. Do you walk up to strangers demanding A/S/L ? LOL of course not, and youll find that most ppl in here will react about the same way as any other stranger would.... i know i do!

Good Luck and Happy Chatting!!

kellee is an active member of the AWSchool and AWUniv team, and has a great texture yard at AW 1379.7N 1853.6W 0.0a 110. To find out more about building - from basic to advanced visit these worlds:




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