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Updates at AWSchool & AWTours

awschoolAWSchool was made with basic teaching in mind. It has expanded to include advance information that can be used by citizens for reference. This world should be in everyone’s toolbox to go along with the wiki and the user guide.

Teachers are on duty most hours, but in case one is not available a new person can email for an appointment with a teacher or use the DIY setup. DIY stands for “do it yourself” and has worked for many a tourist.

The world includes a complete object yard, examples of all the basic commands with objects in use, a full set of version 4 tutorials, and outside tutorials on bots, graphics, and other items.

A citizen can learn how to make a particle emitter, make a sphere from various objects, or build a movie theater with examples of commands. If you want to understand and use the envi commands, there is an area with examples and a tutorial.

There are open areas throughout the world for test building. These areas are open to anyone and are cleaned up on a timely basis.

Remember there are tutorials for:

* Basic Building
* Movers
* Camera
* Media
* Zones
* Envi
* Matfx
* Image Slicing
* Xelagot
* Preston
* Image Cropping
* Picture Globes
* Dome Making
* Sphere Making
* Particle Emitters

These are a few of the tutorials in AWSchool.

We have a new web site as well -

The web site has links to other web pages as well that will enhance your Active Worlds experience.

Remember if you are going to build you need the proper tools and AWSchool is there for you to use.

AWTours has added AWSchool and SFGate to their tour lineup.

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