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Get Ready! AW 4.2 is on the way!

After months of successful testing and refinement, Active Worlds 4.2 is preparing to go live in the Active Worlds Universe. Scheduled for release to the Active Worlds Universe on Monday June 16th, 2008, Active Worlds version 4.2 focuses on customizable user created avatars, new graphic optimizations, and many other great new features.

For a sneak peak of the CAV system please check the Active Worlds forums at  

For a sneak peak at some of the other cool new features check out

To try them yourself simply login to the beta Universe using your existing Citizenship information

In the initial weeks of June, AWI will be releasing the 4.2 SDK and the 4.2 World Server Software. This will assist world owners and hosts prepare for switching their worlds to version 4.2. Remember that all worlds must be 4.2 compliant in order to run in the Active Worlds Universe after version 4.2 goes live. Bots and other SDK applications compiled with the 4.1 SDK should continue to run in the 4.2 Universe.

Now Showing!  "The Active Worlds Funny Videos Contest."

Now showing in the Active Worlds forums, it's "The Active Worlds Funny Videos Contest." How do you enter? Well just create a funny, Active Worlds related video and post it to Then include it in our forums in the "Active Worlds Funny Video Contest" thread. We, the community, will pick a winner in August and that winner will receive a year of Active Worlds for themselves and a friend.

All entries must conform to Active Worlds content guidelines and be related, in some way, to the Activeworlds technology, our environments or the community. Any videos considered off-topic or offensive to other users will be removed from the contest at AWI's sole discretion.

For a limited time! Get your own, custom, Active Worlds browser.

We at Activeworlds, Inc. are always trying to find new ways for you to customize your experience and make your worlds and creations more unique. Well, for a limited time, you can get your very own unique Active Worlds browser that has your splash screen, desktop icon and landing point. You may then provide this custom browser to friends, family or whomever via your web site or other means.

All images and icons must meet Active Worlds Content Guidelines and the Active Worlds logo or name will be added to all splash screens. There is a $150.00 charge for the creation of the custom browser. Please e-mail for more details.

For a limited time!  Citizen "5-Packs" now available!

For groups, clans, gifters and everyone in-between the new Citizen 5-Pack is what you need to share the joy of creating in Active Worlds. For a limited time you can get 5 new Active Worlds Citizenships, good for one year each, for just $249.95. To take advantage of this limited offer please call our offices or e-mail for more information.

Not your typical forums (anymore).

The Active Worlds forums have always been an interesting place for help, information and general discussion. In the past, some of our more lively users and our moderation policies made for a rather battle-rific forum experience, to say the least.

In the last few months we've added many improvements to our forums.  We have new forum guidelines to make the place friendlier and to help important discussions to stay "on-topic." We've added a reporting system so you can flag users who violate the forum guidelines and help us respond with rapid moderation to keep the atmosphere as intended and enjoyable for everyone. We've also added a blog system so you can report on your many Active Worlds adventures or other interesting blog type things.

Finally, this month, we are starting a new monthly reward program to the user who provides the most valuable post to our community. Each month, with the help of the community, one forum poster will be selected and receive two free months of Active Worlds Citizenship.

Still don't have a forum account? E-mail, with your Citizen number, for immediate forum access. See ya there!

Mars EBTS contest "Finally" finished.

That's right! Building in the MarsEBTS contest is finally complete and it's time to start voting on these great builds. Look for AWVote to open this week (with a couple surprises) and join the fun, picking and rewarding your favorite Active Worlds builders.

Bingo, rain or shine!

Your favorite online pastime is back and better than ever! Join DMC2U and the gang for some old time bingo fun and great prizes every Wednesday at 5PM VRT. Also, don't forget CitBingo for Citizens with Citizen-donated prizes every Friday and hosted by the lovely Garnet and her team. Tourists can try the Citizen bingo experience on Saturdays with the fabulous host Lazysuzy and her friends in AWTBingo.

Still Learning How to Build?

Don't forget the AWSchool and AWNewbie worlds are there to help you learn both the basic and advanced skills for making your ideas come to life in the Active Worlds Universe. If you like to create you need to stop by these places because there is always something new to learn.

Personal Avatars, your path to uniqueness.

Our PAV Vendors have been hard at work! The Active Worlds Universe now has over 100 unique personal avatars and more are being added each week. Want to customize your look? Contact SistaAvs or any authorized PAV Vendor!

SistaAvs -

Need something new to do?

We are currently working on many new and exciting projects in the Active Worlds Universe and could use some volunteers with expertise in objects, textures, avatars, seqs and bots. If you would like to volunteer your assistance and have skills in any of these areas please stop by the world ACT and contact Lee R to be a part of the fun, the future and great resources you may otherwise not have access to.


Looking for content for your new or old world? Trying to figure out how particles work? AWFX is the place you need to stop next. With the coolest resources for particles and other graphic effects, AWFX is now the number one resource center for aspiring world builders.

Active Worlds Banners and Buttons.

We are currently working on several Banners and Buttons you can use to link to or represent Active Worlds. Eventually we will have a page and world you can download these and others from, but until that time you can get them right here at


Another great new resource for the Active Worlds Community is the Active Worlds Wiki pages where users and AWI staff work together to help provide the latest information and instructions for using the Active Worlds product line. You can find and contribute to this great resource at

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