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Meet Our Citizens

We get to know Shenn in this month's edition.

Kiwi interviews ShennKiwi: Hi there Shenn :-) Nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed.

Shenn: Nice to meet you too Kiwi.

Kiwi: Where are you from?

Shenn: I am from south France, I am living near Avignon, where we can find wonderful red wine and very good olive oils, and more so many more good things to eat :))

Kiwi: How long have you been in Active Worlds?

Shenn: I am back to AW since December 2009, but I know AW since 6 maybe 8 years.

Kiwi: Is Active Worlds your first virtual experience?

Shenn: Yes it was my first one, but I like to explore and to meet other imaginations' ways. I like to learn and to share beauty and knowledge, so I explored other universes with other technologies.

Kiwi: How did you find AW?

Shenn: I found AW by searching virtual worlds. I like a lot of fantasy and science fiction movies, and I have a big imagination, so when I began to explore the web I searched in those ways and I found AW, but the real revelation was when I found trueSpace from Caligari who gave me this wonderful tool to create all I imagine.

Kiwi: You own with Aleah the beautiful world Tao. I saw the video and was blown away. What an amazing world. Where did the ideas come from to create Tao?

Shenn: Tao mean serenity and peace for me, and I try to make a world where I can feel that, and where I can share with others those idéas. Tao philosophy is harmony for me, harmony betweeen colors, shapes, lights, sounds and all things who can help us to feel good and free. Tao is inspired from many books, movies and paintings. Tao is also like a beauty quest, always in progress.

Tao is now a pretty world and it's Aleah's world too, with her wonderful imagination
she gave a new life into Tao, and she is a wonderful partner. She has a lot talent, and I am very honored and happy to know her. Thank you Aleah for your nice soul and your kindness :))

Kiwi: For those that haven't seen Tao, here is the link to check out this special world.
Or drop by and spend some time there.

Kiwi: Any advice for new world owners starting out, Shenn?

Shenn: First, enjoy what you do and do what you like, next, take time to learn how to use the wonderful tools you have in your hands, after, take time to share beauty and knowledge with others, by this way your imagination can grow and always explore new ways. Last thing is always try to keep your mind open.

Kiwi: Do you like to explore other worlds?

Shenn: Hmmmm yes I like this a lot, to meet other imaginations, other talent and other way of life. Beauty have so many ways, and so many can be wonderful, I found wonderful place in AW.

Kiwi: If Active Worlds asked you to market them, how would you do it?

Shenn: First, feeling is very important, when you enter in a world, so you must see the spirit of the world when you come the first time. Beauty have many ways and there is many themes for a world, so they can be classified by this way, but I am sure I'll need a lot of time to do that. I hope AW will not ask me that for now, because I still have so so many things to know and to learn.

Kiwi: What would you like to see added to the CAVs?

Shenn: To be able to wear all you want and to do your own CAV and maybe to have have flexy hair.

Kiwi: How would you describe AW to friends?

Shenn: AW is a wonderful and powerful tool to give life to your imagination and to share it with other people all around the world. It's a wonderful way to meet and to share beauty and knowledge with others, and to feel us more close and more friends.

Kiwi: If you could change anything about AW, what would it be?

Shenn: Not to change, because AW is always in progress, but to make sure it progresses. Maybe the way to build into AW with a good zoom and to be able to move my camera all around my objects to build easily in all directions.

Kiwi: For others to get to know you better, describe yourself.

Shenn: Open mind and imaginative. I like to explore and to share all I like, and I like a lot of things. I like to create in real life and in virtual worlds. I like to hike, to swim, to make pictures, reading many many books. To watch fantasy and SF movies. I like flowers, lights and parfums. I like nice smiles on pretty faces, and I like to see eyes when they shine inside and outside. I like to cook and to meet other souls and other ways of life and I'd be happy to have 48 hours in a day, maybe more sometimes :))

We made Tao for all because we think that beauty quest is a good way to be when we can to share it with others, so you are always welcome in Tao. To rest, to dream and to share. Good inspiration to all.

Kiwi: Thank you for letting us get to know you better Shenn. Hugs to Aleah. Have a great day. Smiles.

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