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Active Worlds Virtual Game Festival
May 1 ~ 31

Come join the Active Worlds community for the first ever "Active Worlds Virtual Game Festival." AWI will be sponsoring any user, or group of users, who want to participate by providing them a hosted P-50/25 world for the event.

Worlds will be judged by the community and AWI staff, and many fun prizes will be awarded to the best games created during the festival. In addition, games scored highly by AWI will be preserved for use by your friends and the community indefinitely. One lucky participant will receive the festival title of "Master Game Builder" and receive a lifetime membership to the Active Worlds Universe.

To join the contest, and get your game world, please e-mail There is no limit to the number of worlds each user can get, however, your current game world will need to be complete and "locked-down" before you can get another one. Group builders will need to select a "Team Leader" who will communicate with AWI and distribute prizes for your team when the time comes. Thank you and good luck!

See you at the Festival!

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