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Mystery Location

Mystery Location

Do you know where this place is?

E-mail us the correct world name and coordinates to WIN!

Mystery Locations will be somewhere within an AWI-created, public world. E-mail your guess to with the subject line: Mystery Location. If you're a citizen, please include your citizen number and name in your guess.

The first person (other than the site builder) to submit the correct location will win either a 1 month citizenship extension or a new 1 month citizenship! In addition, the winner may choose the place of a future mystery location.

The winner's name and the correct location are posted here the following edition, so check back!


Previous LocationNo one found last edition's Mystery Location, which was located in AlphaWorld at 1339.03S 4740.43E 0.23a 176.

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to all guesses submitted for the Mystery Location. Only the first correct answer will receive a response. Notification is usually sent during preparation of the following newsletter.

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