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Lensman's Teleport Maze Station of the Month

Vote for Lensman's Teleport Maze in Cy Awards 2010

Lensman is an active Peacekeeper and creator of the Teleport Maze and AWSource (with lots of help). He won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2006 CY Awards.


Teleport MazeIt's time for some serious architecture ala Frank Lloyd Wright.  There are several builds by well known AW builders related to the famous architect just to the northwest of the station. Time to explore and get educated as well… Enjoy!


Location: AW 9777N 8280E



Teleport MazeIt's a sports Arena by lara1 built in 2003. Well laid out, it is a cool example of large building in AW. I hope you like European Football. It is near station 296.

Location: AW 1126N 568E



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