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New Universal Teleports List
By Hyper Anthony

Earlier this week Strike Rapier released a new Universal Teleports List, called the Shared Teleports List, to the AW Community. A Universal Teleports List is a listing of teleports that span across Active Worlds designed to give you a comprehensive list of areas in a world. Strike Rapier's listing utilizes MYSQL and PHP to create a database of teleports that any user can add to, or get permission to add to depending o­n which region you have permissions in. Within its first week of existence, the Shared Teleports List has attracted 41 users and 114 individual teleports.

Intrigued by the possibilities of this new listing, we interviewed Strike Rapier concerning future features and goals of the Shared Teleports List. Here is how it went...

AWNews: What are your eventual goals for the list, and how do you think the community has accepted it so far?

Strike Rapier: My ultimate goal is to take over the universe search tab and have over 5,000 building locations.

Strike Rapier: The Community has accepted it well, I just wish that more of them would contribute by actually adding their builds, I know it takes a while so they might be a little hesitant, but the benefits are enormous.

AWNews: Hey, that sounds pretty cool! Can you go more in-depth about your ambitions for the search tab?

Strike Rapier: I think it would be beneficial if there was a more ummm, 'narrow' interface that would fit the search tab... maybe a cut down search page where you can just type something in and find things relating to it, or for the particular world you are in.

AWNews: Do you think the Shared Teleports List is about ready, or do you have more work to do concerning new features?

Strike Rapier: I have to add the voting system, and perhaps a way to change regional descriptions, but its ready to go. At some point I'm going to screw about with the location descriptions, let you use things like [url][/url] tags, bold, pics etc - let the average joe blogs make a mini site for each build... optional of course.

Strike Rapier's Shared Teleport List can be reached here. If you would like to create an account and start adding your own teleports, click here.


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