Fuzzy, here bringing you more news and updates from around Yellow and the greater ActiveWorlds universe.

First up, I'm happy to report the Halloween ball was fun for one and all. On a personal note I was very happy the only spirits I encountered this year came in the form of warm honey beer.

Halloween Ball place

Autumn passes and winter has come to Yellow. With that in mind we turn our attention to the new a Holiday Season, in this time of celebration you might be thinking what I really would like is to have a party but I just don't have time to build a venue.

Good news everyone. With this in mind I've decided to create a couple of new segments in my column. First up I'd like to gather a collection of party locations, so many talented builders over the years have created a wide range of party builds, and after one use they tend to go unseen. This is a great loss, first of fabulous party sites out there, real time effort and talent were put into. And I think they should be seen and used more than once if you agree with me. How you can help out.

What I 'd like to ask you all is to send in any fully functioning party location info that you may have; this will be added to a teleport gallery for the fun and use of all.

Simply send in the location of the party build, that means the world and the coordinates, also I would request the name of the original builder, the date it was built and the theme.

The idea is to not only provide places for people who don't have time to build a party site but also to have the work that's been done be appreciated more than once. And a chance for what I like to call a traveling party Tour, so gather a few friends and visit these awesome locations. Above all it's about fun.

And the to get the projected started the Season Grand Opening of Old Winter Mountain Area, first location: a little place called the Sleepy Bear Playhouse.

Sleepy Bear Playhouse

The Sleepy Bear Playhouse location World Yellow. Cords: 47.69S 1616.15E -0.00a 89. It was built in late 2010. However, this build has been updated each year and is current with dance movers and music installed. PK Tunes playing.
Primary builders: Apooka, Ozman.
Theme: winter holiday pub.

The second offering is a little place called The Honey Den.
Location: World Yellow. Cords: 197.84S 1731.31E 0.30a 219
Primary builder Apooka and Ozman

The Honey Den

This place has a road house theme, nothing posh here. After all it is located inside the mist caves, a rather spooky place. It was started in 2012 and finished 2013. It has movers and music (PKToons); a great place for a small party. Oh, it also has screens linked to Youtube.

Our third offering this issue is The C.L.S. Zeppelin Company Hangar LZ13

Zepppelin Hangar

Location World Yellow, Steam City. Cords: 1836.06S 1710.29E 0.05a 93
Original build started in 2010, completed 2011.
Primary builder: Apooka
Theme: Industrial Steampunk Hangar
Movers and music (PKToons)

Okay, so now you have the idea, I look forward to seeing what fabulous sites you all will send in. Submissions will be posted in the Gazette in the order they are received. The location of the grand new party teleport hub will be posted in the next issue.

Oh, and one last word on the Party topic. No party build would be much of party without the fab Dance Mover system. This great gift to AW came to us from the master of the seq and the crafter of dance - none other that our own Maxpoly, who has recently returned to the AWuniverse. And I am happy to report that he has consented to an in-depth interview in an upcoming issue. May we all say thank you Max, and welcome back!! We all look forward to seeing what you have planned for the future.

So be sure to check out our future interview with this creative maverick.

Part two

Next up is a little project I'd like to call Rediscovered Treasures. These are fabulous builds that I've run across in my explorations around the greater ActiveWorld universe. They may be older but are truly worth a look.

Up first we had a wonderful build and a useful resource. That creation comes to us from the most seasoned and well-respected builders in the ActiveWorld universe, none other than Dreamer 2 and Tuna Blues.

Build location: World AW. Cords 8569.08S 775. 73E 0.00 a 357.
Construction on the site seems to have been around 2005 through 2007. The location is station 371 of the Lensman teleport network.

You can find links in this location to over 1500 different sites. So if you're in the mood to explore this is a great place to start happy travels. Check out the pictures on the Build of the Month page.

One of the wonderful things that I found while exploring the above location was a little place called the Barnerbee's sculpture yard. Location: world AW. Cords 26467.73S 26602.55E 0.08a 2. The creations and its yard were done by VondaRonH. I've been able to find out very little about this couple at it seems to have been a joint project. They were involved for many years in the creation of the community birthday build project. From what I've been able to gather sadly these citizens are no longer with us and yet their work lives on. I say this is a great thing check out these creative and innovative builds.

You can see some pictures on the Build of the Month page.

The community birthday build projects still continue to this day. If you missed it check out the front page again; there you'll find a list of current birthday builds, and be sure to join in. It is a great way to wish fellow citizens a happy birthday. But it's also a grand opportunity to meet other citizens and work together for the ultimate goal of having a great time. I mean I don't know about you but I'm always up for a party.

Well, that's it from me for this issue. I've got to get the copy in to the editors quick smart now. Thanks to all who have helped me out over the past year, and I wish everyone the best for the holiday season.

And as always, if you have an event or a build site you would like to share with the rest of the ActiveWorlds universe contact me at the yellowgazette@cox.net or telegram Apooka and or Ozman with the details. I look forward to seeing what you have all been up to.

That is all for now folks, until next time have fun, build safe.

Fuzzy and Benny

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