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Lensman's Teleport Maze Station of the Month

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Lensman is an active Peacekeeper and creator of the Teleport Maze and AWSource (with lots of help). He won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2006 CY Awards.


Teleport MazeWelcome to Station 43, an old one which is how it managed to be so close to the GZ for Horizon City, which is second in size only to SW City. There is a lot to see and miles of builds to explore. There is still room to build on the outskirts if you want to add to it.

Location: AW 7005S 14008E



Teleport MazeStation 106 has Egyptian surroundings and probably some of the worst fake mid eastern music you will ever encounter. However don't blame it on Omega who built the temples and such to the north, even though built in 1998 that's 12 years ago (or 84 in dog years which is a lot more impressive age wise!) and it's still worth a visit.

Location: AW 2325N 2007W


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