Current edition: Vol.4, No.12, December 2001

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Recommended Hot Spots

This is where you can get tips on places to visit from the "insiders". These correspondents are leaders in their worlds, who take the time to seek out new, exciting, and different places to visit in their worlds. Don't miss a single destination on this list if you want to know what's cool in the AW Universe!

Atlantis World Page

Caring's Atlantis Recommendation

Fall of Tears 987S 701W

This is an absolutely beautiful build by Ed. If gardens and landscaping are a draw for you then you will want to see this.


Mars World Page

Canopus' Mars Recommendation

The December Mars Hotspot is Mars Central, part of the transportation empire created by one of contemporary Mars' most prolific and creative builders, Veger. A combination of architectural daring and patient attention to the last detail characterizes even Veger's early work, as can be seen at his aerodrome on the Daedalia Tour (173N 22W -- the Tour leaves from Mars Mayhem Station, 12N 150E 0.1A 270).

But only in this past year was there the building boom that made Veger On Mars one of the biggest construction firms in this part of the Solar System. To take in the magnificent network of air and ground transport systems, and the colorful, well-lit buildings and grounds that the transporters serve, start at the Mars Central entrance (545N 199W 270) or the Transportation Network ramp (495N 213W), and walk or ride as far you can through the Veger on Mars projects.

If you're travelling from Earth, take the rocketplane to Mt. Elysium when you arrive at the Orbiting Spacestation (0N 953W 30.6A). From Elysium Spaceport (289N 500W 11.1A 45), take the Express Train of the Elysium RR to Linear Alpha (582N 151W 0.36A 195), and walk southwest through the newly built up parts of Linear Alpha to Veger's Mars Central Entrance.


Goober King
UTN Web Site

GooberKing's UTN Recommendation

Hogsmead Village - AWTeen 1252.6s 523.3w 270

While this space is normally reserved for towns with an already established following, this time around I'd like to take a look at a place that looks to have lots of potential as a successful community: Hogsmead Village. Based on the town of the same name in the Harry Potter books, the town opened to a limited audience late last month in response to the release of the Harry Potter movie. However, this town isn't just a cheap HP rip-off! Part of the UTN RPG Subnetwork, Hogmsead comes complete with its own role-playing game based on the HP books. Although the game itself is still in the works, it will include things like a bot-controlled time system, a Wizardry League for the more advanced magicians, and a battling system. And, as is the case with all UTN towns, members of the RPG can build their own base of operations within the town.

So check out the magical world of Hogsmead Village, as this is definitely going to be a Hot Spot to Watch in the months to come!

AWHS Web Site

Duskbat's Historical Recommendation

This you will enjoy! This is a building feat in AW. This isnt finished. Its big, white, kind of round, and gives my poor modem a workout. Welcome to the United States Pentagon in Alphaworld. I just stopped in and looks like everyone is out to lunch or the contractors went on strike. This big place is waiting for its owner to finish the job so we can get down to official business. I just think he ran out of pw01.rwx. Enjoy the long corriders and at the end of the day you can stop and take a break in the center courtyard. Other then what I just typed there isnt much to tell about this build. I also suggest try the AW mapper and view this place. On another note, I wish happy holiday greetings to all, and have a safe fun December! As always Keep up the great building and if you find anything cool in AW please feel free to gram me with some coords! I love to explore aw world. To get to the Pentagon go to 3853.6N 7702.7W 0.1a 148. Enjoy!

Web Site

AWCOMREG's Recommendation

Universal Town Network

Need to advertise your town? Then check out the Universal Town Network! They offer many services specifically for towns, as well as consultants to help you get your town started! UTN has been offering great assistance to AW communities for nearly 3 years already, and if you wonder whether they can help you, you should check out their support program and facilities. More

COFMeta World Page
COFMeta's Discussion Group

jupytr's COFMeta Recommendation

Airtram Terminal
COFMeta 312n 863w (facing north)

Check out the Airtram. The use of movement is great. You can actually get a sense of motion, not to mention motion sickness lol. A nice little build that doesn't go anywhere, but has a good use imagination.

Chibi City
COFMeta 454n 382e (facing east)

Created by citizen, DarkChibimon, Chibi City isn't what I'd consider a "City", but it is an interesting build. I was first amazed at how some of the objects snap into place as you get closer to them. I thought I was seeing things at first... very cool :) There's a Police Station and jail, with cells that are far too clean, a car crusher and standard 7-11. There really isn't much there anymore, but it is still interesting.


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