Server side movers

One of the really neat things you can do in AW is to make a mover, that is, an object or collection of objects that a user can ride or carry. One specific type of mover is called a "server side mover", or sometimes called a "waypoint mover". This type of mover goes along a predetermined path that the builder designates. In this Build Tips page, we want to point out some of the tricks relating to developing and using server side movers.

Server Side Movers: tricks and pitfalls

A server side mover is one that goes along a pre-determined path that the builder sets. X,Y, and Z axes are used to set the path, as well as yaw, pitch, roll, speed, and pauses. In short, you can do a lot with these sorts of movers, within their limitations. These sorts of movers have improved greatly for AW's version 6, but there are still some pitfalls and tricks you need to take into account.


Notwithstanding these limitations and hassles, a server side mover is a lot of fun to build, and of course, to ride once it's completed.

The Bisous

Here is a server side mover that will take you down the river to the next dock. Have a ride. And look at the way the mover and points are set up.

For more details on creating movers, you can visit: