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Modeling Tips: Accutrans Smoothing

There is a very easy way to have a great looking model that is also low poly. When you bring an object into Accutrans it converts Quads to Polys and there are no smoothing normals on the model.


Accutrans Figure 1
Fig. 1 Click for larger view

In figure 1 you see a great looking cauldron modeled by Jerboa but at this point it is converted to polygons instead of quads and it has not been set to smoothing normals.


Accutrans Figure 2
Fig. 2 Click for larger view

In figure 2 you will see that I have selected the tools button. Now in the window you will see Calculate Smoothing Normals and also Triangles to Quads. If you press these 2 buttons you will remove all facets and the model will convert to Quads instead of triangles saving many many polys on the model.


Accutrans Figure 3
Fig. 3 Click for larger view

In figure 3 you see the end result is a great looking cauldron. You will notice it is 712 polygons.


Accutrans Figure 4
Fig. 4 Click for larger view

In figure 4 you will notice an exact same cauldron is 512 polys because it was saved as Quads.


I would like to thank Jerboa for allowing me to use his great looking cauldron as an example in this tutorial. I also hope that it will save everyone in poly count and have better looking models because of Smoothing Normals.

Build Well Have Fun


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