Multimedia approaches to building

You can create very dynamic and interactive builds in AW, and some of the dimensions include the use of multimedia: sound, video, and of course avatar sequences, movers and particle emitters. A combination of these will make any build come alive. In this issue, we will show you how to create an animated sequence and then make a video clip of it that can be put on YouTube, or other Internet programs.

Doing up an animated sequence

Creating an animated sequence with triggers.

The first step is to plan out what you want to do. One good way to sort this is to use the 'storyboard' technique that film makers and such use to develop a full script in outline. This will give you a framework within which you can then start work.

Then, build the scene, using standard building models and textures. After this is done to your satisfaction it is time to set up the sequences that you would like to show.

Some steps here:

bear sign

The shot on the left shows the trigger model that was used and the object properties box with the code in it.

Test your code to make sure it works. This is often the hair-pulling stage of development. Once it works the way you want, you are ready for the next phase, which is making the video clip.

Making the video

There are a variety of video making programs available on the Internet that you can obtain. Some can be very costly, whereas others are open source and free. In the example here, we have used a free program called CamStudio which works well, is simple to learn, and does reasonable work. It saves your video either as an .AVI or .SWF. You can find out more about this program, as well as downloading it, at

The steps here are:

In the example below, we edited the video using Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker 2.6. This is a simple yet powerful video editing program available from Microsoft at no charge.

Using this product, or other video editing product that you are familiar with, edit the clip to your satisfaction. Once that's done, you are ready to upload your clip into YouTube or other video viewing program.

The video clip below shows the end result of all that we have discussed in this page.

There you have it. If you want to see the whole thing in active worlds, visit Madam Riviere's place at Needmore Cove. Just go to the coordinates on the top of this page.

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