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Vol. 2, No. 3, Mar. 1, 1999

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Active Worlds News, Product Highlights, Contests, Inc. Presents "Tech Talk"

Come join Active Worlds Lead Developer Roland Vilett for an informal chat session every Friday at 8PM VRT during the month of March. Topics will range from current to future versions of Active Worlds, as well as the current state and future of online 3D technologies in general. This will be a freeform chat discussion with no pre-set agenda; topics will be chosen based on the interests of the participants. Let's get together and have a good time sharing our ideas and visions about the present and future state of this amazing technology!

The "Tech Talk" meetings will be held in the AW University world at 32N 32W. Simply click on "AWUniv" on the world list, and then click on the "Tech Talk" sign., Inc. is Moving!

AWCOM is proud to announce its new corporate headquarters located at 95 Parker St. in Newburyport, MA. The company plans on moving to the new location towards the end of March, and most of its employees will relocate to the new headquarters. will occupy 5000 square feet of this brand new building located just North of Boston's Technology belt. This 80,000 square foot building will give the company ample room as it expands its business operations through growth and acquisition.

A World of Your Own

The Active Worlds Personal Servers series gives you the tools to express your creativity and build your own world with all the freedom of 3D and all the functionality of 2D.'s new approach to the web offers developers several versions to meet your needs. Whether you just need a spot called your own or a showcase for your work, we have a version for you.

All configurations include:

  • Open or restricted access
  • Web address designation for custom content
  • WWW file retrieval for images, sounds, and music
  • Use of the original textures, models, sounds, music and avatars developed for AlphaWorld and Colony Alpha
  • Use of original Metatropolis Avatars
  • Newsgroup user support
  • Free registered citizen numbers

Active Worlds Personal Server License - $69.95*
*plus annual registration charge.

Registration includes all maintenance updates and upgrades to the server code, access to our user authentication system and automatic listing in the ActiveWorlds web page report. Your registration determines the size of your world and number of simultaneous users.

Purchasing: Ordering by Secured Web Transaction, Inc. supports the SSL Internet security standard. Just fill out our secured online transaction form.
Ordering by Phone:
You may pay over the phone with a credit card.
Dial (978) 499-0222 in the USA.


Thanks, once again, to Optiman's generosity, we have new objects for AW that work well with the original AW library, as well as Optiman's last generous donation. These new objects are on display at Kellee's Building Yard (aw 1367N 1885W 270)

m0e was kind enough to send us a list of the pieces that the Yellow builders thought were missing from the Yellow library, and so those objects - including a TV, a bed, and picture objects have been added. We are also updating the avatar menu to offer a few new options as some of the ladies were complaining of catching poison ivy while hiking in slit skirts.

All objects will be available from March 4th, 1999.

Anniversary Celebration in The Transcend

March 7th is the second anniversary of the purchase of Active Worlds by Circle of Fire Studios, Inc. (now, Inc.), and we feel like marking this day with a celebration of the future of Active Worlds. A lot of amazing things have happened in these past few years, and it's only the beginning of what promises to be an incredible future.

Please join us in celebration on March 7th at 10:00PM VRT.

Scavenger Hunt

Starting March 15th we will be launching the first official AWCOM Scavenger Hunt. Entrants will have to seek high and low through all the AWCOM worlds to find objects on the official Scavenger Hunt list. The person who finds the most objects first will win a PS8XE world, 1st and 2nd runners up will win free citizenships. Keep your eye on the web site for the official rules and directions!

Be The Ruler of Your Own Universe

(Starting from $9,995)

Designed for the business that requires a stand-alone universe separate from the Active Worlds Universe of Worlds. This product gives the administrator full configuration control over the universe. All servers start with 1 million square meters of virtual land, and the price is based on number of simultaneous users and land size.

Designed for both Internet and Intranet applications.

  • All configurations include:
  • All server component software
  • Access to the AWCOM content libraries
  • Remote setup support
  • Limited, upgradeable licensing agreement
  • HTML, FAQ, and help documentation
  • Technical support documentation
  • 1 year free upgrades

Custom configurations available, please call or email for details.
(978) 499-0222

Report Card Deadline Extended to March 15th

We will be announcing the recipients of the Active Worlds Commitment to Education Program this month, so if you haven't sent in your report cards yet- get to it!!!! All applications must be received by our offices no later than March 15th to be considered. For all the requirements, please see the web page.
or email E N Z O and Lucrezia at

Mail report cards to:, Inc.
4 Middle Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

World/Site of the Month

AWCOM's Newsletter Staff recommends you check out:

The13th, one of the really cool worlds designed by AWCOM!

Optiman's Vluthia, one of AW's historical sites of virtual beauty! (AW 65N 1081.5W 6.8A)

The Active Worlds Community recommends you check out:
AWGames, one of the many incredible worlds created by citizens of Active Worlds!

Horizons' Pokemon Center, an awesome creation. (aw 29999n 2000w)

Ima Genius' awesome [VoteBot] is taking nominations and votes for next month's World/Site of the month! Make sure you visit [VoteBot] in AWCC to nominate and cast your vote!

Community Events

From the AWEC Calendar

To let the community know about your upcoming event, please contact the Active Worlds Event Committee.

March 1999 Events

Mar. 1st, 2:00AM VRT Astrology & Relationships!A1stLove

Mar. 6th 9:00PM VRT Ethnic Dance Party in AFantasy

Mar. 7th 10:00PM VRT Anniversary Celebration in the Transcend

Mar. 8th, 2:00AM VRT Astrology & Relationships!A1stLove

Mar. 13th 12:00AM VRT ZGV's New Art/Artist Exhibition in Metatropolis (cofmeta 1000N 30E 180)

Mar. 13th 9:00PM VRT Techno Dance Party in AFantasy

Mar. 15th, 2:00AM VRT Astrology & Relationships!A1stLove

Mar. 15th 12:00PM VRT 1st Official AWCOM Scavenger Hunt Begins in AW

Mar. 20th 8:00PM VRT Community Show Off in AWCC (awcc 26s 2e 240)

Mar. 20th 9:00PM VRT R&B Dance Party in AFantasy

Mar. 21st 6:00PM VRT Trivia Contest - 3rd round in AWEC's Arena, AWCC (AWCC 14.6n 20.5e)

Mar. 22nd, 2:00AM VRT Astrology & Relationships!A1stLove

Mar. 27th 5:00PM VRT AWEC Mystery Tour

Mar. 27th 9:00PM VRT Disco Dance Party in AFantasy

Regular Events
Active Worlds University Classes in Building, Graphic Arts, RWX Modeling, and AW Technologies

A’tuin Treasure Hunt'tuin

Prayer Meeting, Sundays midnight VRT in Christian

Bible Study, Thursdays midnight VRT in Christian

Construction Classes, Thursdays 7:00pm VRT - Spanish

Tours of Mundo Hispano, Fridays at 7:30PM VRT - Spanish

Weekly Dance Party, Saturdays at 9:00PM VRT - AFantasy

News From The Active Worlds Community

Winners of the AWUniv Environment Building Contest

The AWUniversity's Environment Building Contest saw a lot of incredibly talented and creative entries! All of the exhibits are still up in the University for you to view, and the following is a list of the winning entries. Congratulations to everyone for such incredible work!

1st Place: Cyberwitch (AWUniv 182N 123W)

2nd Place: Kitt (AWUniv 52N 101E 90)

3rd Place: Dachs (AWUniv 21.0S 135.8W 0.0a 261)

Honorable Mention: Sajinka (AWUniv 174.4S 123W)

Ring of Chaos Brings Comfort and Aid To New World Owners

*Ring of Chaos*, founded in May of '98, began as social and support group for experienced builders. In time, it became obvious to this group that there was a great need in AW for some sort of assistance for new & existing world owners. Thus began the idea to change the groups direction and start to try to fill this need. They now offer their expertise to AW citizens and world owners, to help them get their worlds up and running and looking great! To find out more about this group, and to take advantage of their *FREE* services, check out their world ROC, and their web sites.

Awesome New Community Resource

Ever been too lazy to cruise through the object yards to find the perfect piece for your building? Ever wish there were a catalog of the AlphaWorld objects that you could flip through at your leisure? Well, thanks to rypp your wishes have come true! Check out his incredibly helpful resource!

ECafe's Roadside Attraction

Every once in a while we all find something amazing in AW that reminds us that there are no limits to what we can do with Active Worlds once we put our creativity to work. The Electronic Cafe in Los Angeles has been doing some really interesting building in AW, and they would like to invite you to come check out their work. The project shows some really clever ideas for pushing the boundaries of building and animation with the AW Library. Check out the Alien Abduction Center, the King Kong Exhibit, and many other clever structures. The directory can be found at (aw 3.8N 4082.9W 0.0a 0)

Peacekeeper's Caution

We'd like to urge everyone in the community to use caution in passing out your personal information, email address or ICQ number to *just anyone*. Also, please show caution and courtesy when exchanging executable files, as there are some rather unpleasant viruses available at the moment, namely Netbus and Back Orifice. If you think you have been the victim of a viral infection, please contact the Peacekeepers for assistance and more information.

We Wanna Hear From You!

If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or have a project you would like to share with the community through this newsletter, please contact us ( to find out more about participating.

Help/Contact Information

Need Help With AW?

Wanna Take Building Lessons?

Beginners - AWSchool
Intermediate/Advanced - AWUniv
Clase de Construcción en Español - Spanish
Missing Pieces?
If you can't find the object you need to finish your project, then try one of the many building yards other community members have created! Teleports courtesy of The Real Pops (AW 8985S 187W).

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Active Worlds Commitment To Education Program

Gate Keepers
The Gate Keepers are citizens of Active Worlds who have decided to devote an amount of their own time to helping new users of the system to get used to the software, the environment, and the culture of Active Worlds.

The Peacekeepers are citizens of Active Worlds who have volunteered to devote time to aiding new users and assisting all users in disputes and try to prevent harassment of any user by others regardless of the form, be it verbal abuse and harassment, racism or vandalism.


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